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    Ok, I don't normally do this, but I'm going to post a review of a vendor and his product. I'm going to be fair, maybe more than fair, but this needs to be brought out in the open.
    I bought a centrifugal clutch that was designed for the HT engine off of eBay a few months ago. I just got it installed on my bike, and it actually worked really well, however...
    1. The kit came dumped in a box with a bunch of garbage stuffed in, no instructions or documents of any kind, parts list etc.
    2. A very important piece, the gear puller was missing, which the vendor shipped when I alerted him.
    3. No instructions were provided, so it took me nearly 7 hours to install this item, and almost permanently damaged my engine.
    4. I asked repeatedly for help, but got no response. I finally left negative feedback on eBay, because of the many problems and lack of support.
    5. The vendor FREAKED out at me, saying

    "you are too late....... you get no help... you should have waited for me to reply...wanker"
    "you gave me negative feedback...i have decided to stop selling to Canadians all together ... THANK YOU "
    "... you try to hurt my business and family over your petty canook ****. I hope you break your neck . "
    "Blah blah blah professional my a**....these are for slackers .... you are a jerk f*** off and die professional that" (Edited for language)

    I waited a long time, at least 4 days before leaving negative feedback. I was civil, and tried to be polite.
    Beware of this guy, he seems like a loose cannon.
    It's too bad he was the only one selling the centrifugal clutch!

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    You know, we all have our troubles and frustrations. And we all have our bad days. So when someone "freaks out" on me, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt and figure I just caught them at the wrong time.

    but this revolution guy seems to make a lot of people mad. It's too bad. It's clearly not hard to make friends here. He's missing a great opportunity.
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    that's odd cause i have dealt with him a fair bit and haven't had any issues talked to him for a while a few times and always a nice guy funny how people can be two faced eh
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    I've asked him a few questions on his eBay website & he's always been straightforeward.....i wouldn't seriously deal with him though cos it seems a bit "iffy" if u get what u actually ordered.
    Sounds like if u order abuse you'll get that in abundance,with immediate delivery. :)
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    too bad he can't be permamently banned from ebay.
    Adam, you are to be applauded for giving him negative ebay feedback. Too many folks nowadays are too chicken to do just that. You did a public service to other unsuspecting ebayers.
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    Yeah, eBay sellers seem to get really antsy in the pantsy about negative feedback, that's not the first person that has had a conniption about that. When something sucks, I don't hesitate to tell the seller. When it's an awesome product, which most are, I will sing their praises over the seven seas!
    It looks like I am not the first nor will I be the last to receive a blast of this guys anger. Thanks for the thread, it was very entertaining!
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    yes and if this site would put the info up on rev boy in a clear way... this might not have happind
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    stay away from revolution

    I had the same problem with the same motor.
    1. When i got the motor not every thing was sent that he advertised. When i asked him about it he said he was waiting for it to come from china. that was over a month and a half ago.
    2. the motor stop working in 3 days. I called and e-mailed several times but to get no response. until I filed a bad review.
    I took a good look at the motor. It was rebuilt. the screws where not the original. the clutch plate had been grinded on. Like a fool I took the hit on the money for it. I ordered a friction clutch bottom end from him. even called first to make sure they would be compatible. he said yes. they where not and he cut the wires.
    b now i had enough. I filed a complaint to ebay and pay-pal. if any one is smart and don't want to get ripped off stay away from this guy.
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    I had a alright experience with him, I first used the buy now feature on ebay to get a replacement upgraded JL style gearbox. Said there was 7 left, so made the purchase through paypal. 2 weeks later he tells me that he none in stock and that I have to wait another 2 weeks until he ships one. I didn't understand why he had 7 in stock on the ebay buynow and all of a sudden he had none. Well he refunded my money on first order and decided for a second time to order something else. I got instead the whomper stomper II GB off him which came within a week.

    He seems to be a good seller, I'm thinking hes swamped with orders. I'll give him positive feedback
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    Ok. I'm going to be fair, and say that I really like the product he sold me, and I just can't find this item anywhere else! However, he still didn't tell me how to properly operate it, and he was insufferably rude to me. I would still buy from him, if he had something REALLY good!
  12. I was going to order an engine from him. He had some engines he listed as "roundhead". They looked like normal HT engines, so I sent him an email, and the response was very rude. I looked at the negative feedback he recieved and the responses he left in retaliation was just plain childish. He seems upset now with EBAYs new rules that you cant leave negative feedback for a buyer. People like him are the reason these rules were changed...
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    Here is ebays response to my complaint about himand what happen to me. Hope this is not against the rules here. I'm filing a complaint with every one they said to file to. I'm also working on getting in contact with Tucson's attorney generals office to file a complaint there too. He's a crimminal the way he rips people off and deserves to be investigated for all the people he has wronged. Will post more answers if I didn't violate a rule by posting this.

    Dear Timothy,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to item #220241497929 (66cc Dual
    Clutch Automatic Motorized Bicycle Engine) that you have purchased from
    seller revolutioncycles-dot-us. I understand that you have not yet
    received this item and the seller has misrepresented its location.

    I know it's taken us a while to get back to you and I'm sorry about the

    Timothy, we've reviewed your report about revolutioncycles-dot-us and we
    assure you that appropriate action will be taken based on the results.

    Our actions may include listing cancellation, limits on account
    privileges, account suspension, forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled
    listings, and loss of PowerSeller status. Due to eBay's Privacy Policy,
    we are unable to disclose member's account information as well as the
    actions that maybe taken. This policy protects all eBay members and
    ensures that your personal account history will always remain private.

    Timothy, I have listed some actions you can take to resolve the issue (a
    detail about each is included below):

    A. Call the seller directly.
    B. File an Item not Received or Significantly Not as Described dispute.
    C. File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).
    D. Contact PayPal.

    This may take some of your time, but these steps are helpful in solving
    your transaction issue/s. Now, let me discuss each option for you.

    A. Call the seller directly.

    eBay encourages open and honest communication, and we believe that many
    issues can be resolved with a quick conversation. If you have not talked
    to your trading partner by phone, we suggest that you contact the seller
    and try to see what can work for both of you.

    Please follow the steps below to get the seller's contact information
    through eBay:

    1. Click the "Advanced Search" link at the top of most eBay pages.
    2. Click the "Find Contact Information" link under the "Members" heading
    on the left side of the page.
    3. Enter the member's User ID and the Item number.
    4. Click the "Search" button. You may be asked to sign in.

    eBay will send you the seller's contact information to your email
    address on file. At the same time, eBay will send the seller your
    contact information.

    B. File an Item not Received or Significantly Not as Described dispute.

    If the seller isn't being helpful, I encourage you to open an Item Not
    Received or Significantly Not as Described dispute. You can open a
    dispute any time between 10 and 60 days after the listing ended.

    Here's how to open a dispute:

    1. Click "My eBay" at the top of most eBay pages. You may be asked to
    sign in.
    2. Select the "Dispute Console" link under "My Account."
    3. Click "Report a problem with an item."
    4. Enter the item number and follow the instructions to create your

    -- Important --
    When you communicate with the seller, please be very specific about what
    he or she can do to fix things. Sellers are usually more open to
    resolving disputes when buyers make requests that are specific and

    To learn more about the Item Not Received or Significantly Not as
    Described process, go to:

    C. File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

    You may also consider filing a complaint with the Internet Crime
    Complaint Center (IC3). The IC3 is a partnership between the Federal
    Bureau of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center. They
    will review complaints and refer information to the appropriate local,
    state, or federal agency.

    To file a complaint with the IC3, go to:

    D. Contact PayPal.

    PayPal will investigate any transaction where the PayPal service was
    used to send payment. In many cases, PayPal may be able to reimburse you

    - You never received the item, or
    - You received the item, but it is significantly different from the item

    To file a PayPal claim, go to:

    To learn how you can avoid transaction problems in the future, visit:

    To take an audio tutorial on buying with confidence, go to:

    If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reply to this
    email and let us know.


    eBay Customer Support
  15. Standard form letter......They are not going to do anything to him, they are making money from him whether the consumer gets ripped off or not.......If you paid with credit card dispute charges with them.......
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    Any one who has been ripped off or lied to about a product by brian should go to this web site. Its the office of OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL for Arizona.

    This is from thier web site:

    Consumer fraud, as defined by Arizona law, is any deception, false statement, false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation made by a seller or advertiser of merchandise. In addition, concealment, suppression or failure to disclose a material fact may be consumer fraud if it is done with the intent that others rely on such concealment, suppression or nondisclosure. Merchandise may include any objects, wares, goods, commodities, intangibles, real estate or services.

    The following is a brief overview of the Consumer Fraud Act. The Act is found at A.R.S.Sec. 44-1521 through 44-1534. The Attorney General's Office offers this information as a public service but is prohibited by law from giving you legal advice. If you have questions regarding your particular case you might want to contact a private attorney.

    The Arizona Attorney General has the authority to bring actions alleging violations of the Consumer Fraud Act. Sometimes the enforcement authority is delegated to County Attorneys. A private citizen can also bring an action for a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act within one year from the date the claim arises.

    If you believe you have been the victim of consumer fraud, you should first contact the company in writing and specifically request the relief that you feel is appropriate. You may also file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office.

    Phoenix Tucson
    Consumer Information and Complaints
    1275 W. Washington
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2926
    (outside the Phoenix metro area) OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL
    Consumer Information and Complaints
    400 W. Congress
    South Building, Suite 315
    Tucson, Arizona 85701-1367
    or 800.352.8431
    (outside the Tucson metro area)

    You should receive an acknowledgment letter from our office approximately 5-7 days after our office receives your complaint. Because this office receives thousands of complaints per year, not all of them can be fully investigated. Many complaints result in Attorney General enforcement actions against companies or merchants. An enforcement action may sometimes result in civil penalties, attorney's fees and refunds to affected consumers.

    The complaint process, by law, is confidential, therefore this office cannot reveal complaints or investigations against a particular company or merchant.
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    That's the trouble with eBay & all these online direct contact,so rogues remain anonymous & virtually go unpunished.
    I prefer my own solution.....spray paint the front of his store one night & see how he likes cleaning it up. :evil:
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    lol rev boy has a trailer he lives out of and someone just took his bike. funny how God (faith) works
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    Ive bobought a few things from him with decent was a HD hub and sprocket, the other was a long performance exhaust.
  20. pedalpower

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    hey gimmick, I'm born and raised in CSC.

    yeah, bryan is a piece of work. I liked his ebay auction so I got a kit from him. it came packed the exact same way it came from China but missing several parts including the carb-sent him email, 2 weeks, called him-said he would send next day-1 week, email-no response, opened paypal dispute-he calls me (imagine that)-didn't have parts to send that he said he would send next day. finally received missing parts but didn't send everything on missing parts list-another package in the mail. I am proud of myself that I finally completed the transaction without completely ****ing him off. Unfortunately, I ordered my stuff before I read all the comments on him. but that is too bad because I'm sure some people have completely normal transactions with him.

    Overall, his customer service is all over the map. fortunately, there are quite a few vendors for engine kits. Looks like he is more into parts and tools that HT kits these days.

    I don't think he wants my feedback.