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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by dotcom, Jul 13, 2014.

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    I thought this was bloody awesome and maybe they should have more of them around. I just had my bike stolen less than 2 weeks ago while I was in the gym working out.
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  2. Fabian

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    You can buy small GPS devices that fit inside the seat tube, having your smart phone monitor and then sound an alarm if the bike has moved. Following on from that you can call up a bunch of friends to track the bike in real time and have a friendly (or not so friendly) chat to the thief; upon which the thief accidentally falls down a reasonably long set of stairs - 3 times.
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    i like stairs :)

    elevators are a close second, whilst moving vehicles are a close contender for third.

    oh well.

    my security is my bike itself :) if you really want to ride the frame im using now, at the speeds im doing... oh boy! youre welcome to :)

    nothing wrong with walking occasionally :) and checking the news for the next week for any MB casualties...

    just as an example, heres about the only reference i could find just before i put the engine on last week :)

    its a 27" tyre fixie(ok its got a freewheel) that i got from a recent unit strip out for,

    once i actually started looking at sorta scared! oh my its badly built!

    considering i have a 36t rear on it, and now holding 70km/h... (well, faster than most traffic out here in a rural area, and a lot faster than i can pedal even this high geared thing)

    last night, wet road, dark, with skinny tyres....WEEEEEEEE!!!!!! i actually was REALLY scared for a second or two cus im so used to hitting that corner at that speed on a REAL bike...

    i guess a pic is worth a thousand and one words... (haha...anyone get the reference to ali baba? open says-a-ME!!!)


    can you seriously imagine stealing that?


    its a great deterrent, filth and grime. and rust. lots of rust :)

    the shiny patch on the exhaust is cus i stuck a muffler on just a bit earlier today :) itll blend in within the week!
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    Some thief's are very clumsy and have problems maintaining their balance at the top of a long flight of stairs, even after they have been assisted to the top of the stairs more than once :devilish:

    A bit like this scenario, with a much longer set of stairs and an 18 wheeler instead of a small car, then having gracious helpers assist him to the top of the stairs all over again and again and again:

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    LOL! Where could I get a good one of these GPS tracking devices that can pair with an iPhone? I have a pretty rare Dyno Deuce and I would love to have the ability to track it if it ever was stolen. I wouldn't mind having a 'low jack' style security system for my bike. My bike doesn't have an engine on it yet but I'm getting a grubbe 4 stroke kit for it in a few months but even without a motor it's a pretty desirable bike to thieves. Does anyone here know of a low jack security system for bikes? I know they make them for cars in case the vehicle is ever started without the keys but could they install something like that in a bicycle?
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    What bites is that if they had that here it won't take long before roadies will complain that you are introducing highly flammable gas inside this storage so there would be a ban on motorized bikes or even electric bikes from being stored this way.