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  1. roninak

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    Hello! my name is Roni and I live in Israel, I really want a motorized bicycle, but the main problem is that customs here in Israel won't pass packages with motors so I am looking for 4 stroke kit without the engine it self so I spoke to revolutioncycles requesting to buy a kit without engine :
    Dear revolutioncycles-dot-us,
    I'm really interested in this kit, but if you would ship to Israel the customs here in Israel will save the kit for them selfs because it's not allowed to bring motor without license here to Israel, so I thought maybe you could sell me in private a kit without engine, and in Israel i will buy an engine (GXH50 which costs here 650$!!(without taxes!))
    please consider my request
    thank you and best regards, Roni!
    So he replied :

    Dear kanevsky123,
    Im sorry but Israel can suck my ***
    This situation is just bad, I am feeling embarrassed :( I did nothing wrong but to ask something and he...:eek:
    well anyway I will keep looking because I have great plans for a great bike :)

  2. Alan

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    Revolution Cycles is to be avoided like the plague. Do a search and read some of the nightmare stories.
    Him being such an a-hole was a blessing in disguise.
    There are other places to get the kit from, who will appreciate your business.

    Anyway welcome to the forum.:grin:
  3. vegaspaddy

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    i have been too your country many times when i was a younger, Haifa, tel avia, Jerusalem etc and the one thing i can tell you is that Israel does not SUCK. Don't take it personally unfortunately as humans it is in our nature to always assume the worst in people and places without even meeting or been there.

    Anyhow if it makes you feel better the guy probably does't even have a clue his very own country is one of your major allies.If you could forward it to homeland security maybe in the middle of the night they would arrive in their convoy of black suv's and wisk this J#@# away, and from what i have heard and read about this guy, it would be a blessing in disguise (major jerk)

    Its probably time to find another vendor to do business with.
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  4. Big Blue

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    Does a comment like that not show his inteligence level? I would never have any dealings with that company after that remark. Have you considered the GEBE they sell a kit without the engine.
  5. That guy is a total a**!

    Try this site, nice guy replies quickly, is very helpful and they sell kits without engines:
  6. roninak

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    Well thank you all for you comments and "shalom" vegaspaddy:eek:
    thank you for this site, but I'm not interested in this kit, I'm interested in grubee skyhawk 2 kit :)
  7. What a diplomat Bryan is.........
  8. Scottm

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    Welcome to Mbc, Hopefully and probably you can find someone kinder to deal with.
  9. fastboy9

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    I recently recieved a similiar comment from this guy too lol. His name is Bryan Semones and is far from welcome on this site!! You might be better off buying direct from china, this is the guy I brought my kit from. You would have to ask him about an engineless kit. shouldnt be a problem though.

    If not there are so many other vendors that would me more than happy to take your money! Bryan it seems hasn't got a clue how to run a business, and is not just an arrogant, ignorant, rude idiot but now is also a racist!

  10. DetonatorTuning

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    sad beyond understanding.

    please accept our heart felt apologies and regret over this treatment.

    peace and prosperity to you and your countrymen.

  11. roninack,I just want to clarify. You mentioned you cannot get any bike kit for customs will keep it for themselves? So how can you have a kit delivered to your door?
    (I can't believe I'm doing this someone please stop me) Maybe Bryan Semones responded on behalf of the customs? Still that is very unprofessional behavior.

    You need to really find out how you can get yourself a kit. The other option is find someone that can weld and do a homebuilt. Lots of homebuilts in this Forum.
    Here's a good one:
  12. spunout

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    what about having the kit shipped sans motor, then the motor shipped in parts ie; bottom sent, then top end sent?
  13. bluegoatwoods

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    Sad beyond understanding (Detonator)

    that puts it quite well. No need for me to say more.

    But I'm amazed at how this revolution guy makes enemies. We all have our bad moments, but this guy seems to do nothing but stumble.
  14. roninak

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    the kit itself is legal and customs will send it to me, but if a motor will be included with the kit, then they wont send it to me because i need license for importing a motor, so I need only the kit, and here in israel I will buy the motor...
    so please//:rolleyes:
  15. azbill

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    he is the epitamy of...
    'open mouth, insert foot'
    a person like that is NOT deserving of your hard earned $$$
  16. KilroyCD

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    Roni, welcome to MBc! I too am sorry and embarrased about Bryan's behaviour.
    I believe he's banned here, if I remember correctly. I'd like to reinstate him as a member so we can ban him again!
    Needless to say, with behaviour such as he exhibited towards you being so common, he has relatively few friends on this board. I'm sure that there's a vendor on this board who would be able to help you. It might be a good idea to peruse the vendor section and drop a private message to some, because I'm not sure how many vendors read the introductions section.
  17. Skyliner70cc

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    Wow, double whammy. Notonly is this vendor unethical but he is also anti-semetic. A wonderful combination that only a mother and Hitler can be proud of.
  18. Simonator

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    How can customs tell what is in the package?
  19. kaploink

    kaploink Member

    Typically, they can open them if they are suspicious of the custom forms on the package.
  20. Shipping USPS, and I am fairly certain most other shipping companies for export, the shipper files a Federal shipping declaration, stating what the package contains.