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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

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  2. MasterLink

    MasterLink Member

    my best friend on the phone on till i paypaled him
    then he didn't answer the phone anymore......... i got my parts shiped to me after about 30 days might even been longer after i was told he had everything in stock ! (yea yea yea i will ship them out in the morning dude ) i even got fake tracking from usps from RevolutionCyclec
    i got things from different places and some stuff was used and i had a used tank and sprocket was drilled bolts were missing i got a 4 stroke kit and mag wheels from him... that were all shipped to me on different days - weeks and gearbox different day i made a claims with paypal no help they said they would been better to get the parts from ebay,,,,
    then from his site . then i told them that there were parts that were damaged they said well parts were sent i then called .bicycle-engines./ ... and jermey and he said that he had shipped my gearbox that was the last part i need to get my bike running and so i did and love my bike ..and my mags sit downstairs unmounted as they don't seem safe AND i will never get one thing from him ever again ever .here is also a link here about him
    he is very crafty
  3. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I bought a Grubee Skyhawk II gearbox and mounting kit (for use with my own engine) about a year ago. it was over eBay. All the parts were there as were the instructions. Everything was as described, but the tank was scratched. That did not matter to me as I kind of expected it and I was going to cover the tank anyway. I am happy with the kit.

    My only problem with the transaction is that it took a really long time to get my kit. I paid within a day or two and it took several e-mails after that to straighten out that I had paid and for the item to be sent. However, I got what I paid for and the transaction was basically trouble free other than some initial confusion (not mine) about my order.

    As many people here know, finding this kit is not easy. It was easier last August, but not real easy.
  4. Simonator

    Simonator Guest

    I have to vote below average. A few months ago I bought a 70CC engine only for $135 shipped. Not a bad deal. It took a few weeks to receive it.... not too bad... but could be better. The reason I gave him a below average is because of the way it was packaged. He stuck the engine in a USPS flat rate box to save money. The engine barely fit. There was no room to use any packaging material, such as bubble wrap, or packing peanuts. Luckily. I received the motor in one piece. The only damage was a bent mounting stud, and a very slightly bent cooling fin. The way he packed it shows he doesn't care about the customers.
  5. wayde

    wayde Guest

    he had a problem with a someone from canada and decided not to deal with canadians anymore he was my go to guy few problems then all of a sudden he tells me i can;t order from him again
  6. 45u

    45u Active Member

    Dead link
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