Revopower Wheel




All you have to do is select your bike (most bicycles with 26" wheels will work), remove your old wheel, open your new wheel, and install your new wheel. Sounds pretty simple to me. Your just replacing it! Your new Gas Powered Bicycle can now travel for 200 miles per gallon at a top speed of 20 mph. To start the engine simply start peddling while the wheel can be used manually or motorized at any time. The RevoPower Wheel is expected to come out in the first quarter of 2007 retailing around $400...


I've never seen this before, low top speed but intruiging design...
Looks Cool

I have been wondering how PM would be..You know..Preventive Maintenance.
Looks like getting to spark plug, carb, ect would be hard at best. As long as it runs great each and every time, which will never happen,,,Then...It should fine...Also..I agree.. 20mph with no gearing change options is slow. Electric may be the better choice. Electric is about the same speed and power. Range for electric will be less I am sure..
hmm 17mph with the centrifugal force pullling the piston out toward the top stroke??? seems like a seizer to me! :???:
a few corrections......retail price 599.00 us and Limited release in frist part of 2008 and the rest of the us (if sales permit)fall of 2008.....Mike in Colorodo told me that they are going to target the large metro areas frist like LA,Dallas,Denver and so on....I've signed up to be a dealer for them but still haven't gotten any info for customers as of only problem with them is the price is going to equal to GEBE's and Staton already proven systems but I like the concept of "TheWheel"but i'm going to reserve my comments until I get my test unit
I like the fact that there is a real company behind it, just having a brand name like that will help sell it. Took me many months of looking at different chinese engines from seperate vendors that all said different info before I got mine. and I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who was so wary at first becuase they didn't seem to have one single brand or company thing behind it.
Slow, all the weight in the front wheel, 1qt. fuel capacity, no coasting. (the last one has to be rough when stopping)

Is this a case of new tech that is worse than old tech (Chinese engines)?