Revs rise when clutch is pulled?



I know there is a thread somewhere here detailing this, has anybody got it bookmarked?
lean mixture. check gaskets. do they rise alot? or just enough that maybe your idle screw vibrated into a different position.
It rises a fair bit, but not all the time.... I may drop the needle a notch as I've been told my plug is a little 'dry'

Thanks Joe.
If your plug is dry, you definitely don't want to drop the needle. You want to drop the clip on the needle.
Um, yeah... that's what I meant, though I had to get the wife to help me locate the slot in the needle! :)
Drooped the clip one notch (to three) and it seems to be really going hard this morning, though I did flood it trying to start it! :(

Hard to say how much faster it was going, being about 4C this morning.....
I noticed I have to move the clip up or down a notch when the temp increases or decreases more than 20 degrees F. Colder? Set it richer, warmer, leaner.