RI. Ride May 19

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  1. Slowbalt

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    This Ride will be staged from a small park in Smithfield, RI.
    20 Old forge rd.
    We will meet up around 11 and hit the road around 12. I'll be their earlier. Probably around 10:30.

    But be forewarned their are no facilities. Just trees and hiking trails. Parking is on street only, but their is almost no traffic at all. All roads on the wrought have ether a 25/15 mph speed limit.
    I ride these roads almost every weekend and almost never see cars except for a few select spots.
    Their are also several hotels within a 10 min drive of this location.
    Also be forewarned that the laws governing motorbicycles in RI. are sketchy at best ,but i have never ben pulled over when encountering police on rides. And I have never seen police while in the area I have chosen for the ride.

  2. Racie35

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    once I gt a bike together i'd be interested in a ride in RI......im from southeastern CT.......how did this ride go?
  3. james65

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    That route is absolutly great. If another ride comes up don't miss it.
  4. Slowbalt

    Slowbalt New Member

    If people want I could lead a ride this weekend. Other than that ,I'll host one from my new house next spring.