Rich White Trash, as some might call it.

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  1. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    This woman is absolutely loathed in Australia with good reason.

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  2. jaguar

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    Of course the poor people would hate her because she is bold enough to tell the truth about them. I live amongst the poor and they hang around and incessantly talk (although they have nothing intelligent to say) and turn up their music in the street and take every opportunity possible to not work and have fun instead. They never have money to take care of their health or other true necessities but every holiday or birthday that comes along the beer magically appears. Yeah, I know what their priorities are.
    If you aren't standing up for what is good and right then you won't be hated by anyone. truth hurts. If everyone is "nice" then the truth is never told. Jesus called the religious hypocrites snakes and white-washed tombs. He let it all hang out, telling the truth about everything. I like that. It's just too bad that his message was totally twisted around after he left the Earth and "christianity" was created with its emphasis on doctrinal belief instead of doing good which is what Jesus taught as the only sure way to heaven.
  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Jaguar, you may want to revise your post, not that there is anything wrong with having an opinion, but the comments section of this thread might have to be disabled :whistling:
  4. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    Controversy is good. It promotes discussion and sharing of viewpoints so that both sides can come closer to agreement.

    Hey, I have been poor too. But I didnt stay poor because I worked hard and didnt frivolously spend my money. I dont hate the poor. I have a poor friend here and I invite her over to work for me when she gets hungry and I pay her $10 an hour. Its basically charity but work is involved because I dont want her to stay stuck in that poor mentality. She knows I work like crazy and always have money in reserve as a result.

    As to christianity I am very outspoken. If you want to know the truth just read the bible. Jesus was a Jew and he was very content with his religion. He didnt establish churches with pastors. He never said anything about church except for one verse which is known to of been inserted centuries afterwards (about Peter as the rock of the church). He never said he was virgin born, never said he was the son of god, never said he came to establish a new religion, never said he came to die for the sins of the world. ALL that was made up after he died. He is probably sick to his stomach to see how things turned out. His religion was Judaism and he said that till the end of time not one single written mark of the Jewish law will be annulled (erased). The book of Acts records stuff about his disciples after he died. Even there you can find no message about him dying for sins. Any christian on this forum is free to discuss this with me. I can prove what I am saying from their bible, which they dont read. They just believe what the greedy religious leaders tell them.
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  5. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Once you start introducing religion into a discussion it creates all of the necessary elements to send discussion into the plunging depths of the abyss, the same goes for politics, especially when people staunchly take sides and default to a "belief system" when critical thinking no longer supports their viewpoint.
  6. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    thanks for your wise words. But really, I wasted 30 years of my life on man-made religion and I wish someone would of got in my face and showed me the obvious errors in my fantasy beliefs until I got it. Religion uses fear to keep us from questioning, like god will get all ****ed off and squash us like a bug or something if we analyzed the bible like a secular person would. When I got away from religion enough for my head to clear I realized that if god was all about love and truth then he would have no problem with someone using critical analysis on his holy book to see if all the religious beliefs were truly reasonable or just wishful thinking. A truly honest person has nothing to hide, they invite in depth analysis. Unfortunately there are too many people who think destroying others who believe differently are doing god a favor, like god is helpless and cant defend himself or something. the suicide bombers, both christian and muslim. mudslingers also, who dont realize they prove to the world they have no good argument when they resort to just trying to make the other person look bad so he loses credibility. Its a low blow by low-lifes. Present the true evidence for your belief and I will present mine, like two adults. I dont really want to argue though with someone who is not curious to understand how others think differently. Life is too short to waste fighting to no good end. If someone wants to have a respectful exchange of ideas in an open-minded way then I am game.
  7. grinningremlin

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    Politics, religion, patriotism, BAA Humbug!I don't see the point of pondering things no human could possibly know (cosmos, eerie theory and such), as any idea anyone has is just an echo of what somebody (possibly under the influence of ergot or the like) said eons ago.Every human morphs all ideologies to their own gain, so maybe stop thinking and just enjoy a little more, life is short.
  8. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    hey, im one of these poor peples, that has no chance of getting a job in rhinehart owned mines even though i had several years experience with hardfacing and wear protection on mining tools. easier to employ immigrants.

    but, i dont loathe this gina lady.

    first off, she just got born into the right family.

    secondly, she actually worked her can off to increase the profits from what was actually a (fairly) modest inheritance.

    thirdly, when her spoilt brats started whinging and whining that they may have to work but they dont want to cus theyre meant to be billionaires, she turns around and says "ha ha, now you cant access it for years. idiots". i know its a bit more complicated than that, but thats the ducks guts basically.

    i agree completely with her apparently offensive comment " try working harder and spending less on the unessential luxuries and you might have a chance of becoming rich". the only people to find it offensive are the layabouts that want to watch telly all day while chugging beer, while having one hand out for any government payouts.(or lawyers looking for someone to defend...:rolleyes:) what happened to all those 900 dollar stimulus package checks of Krudds? the majority went to the typical bogan, who instantly invested it at harvey norman on a silly 200 inch plasma screen thats interest free for another 3 years! does a plasma tv help you earn money in any way shape or form? no. its an unnecessary luxury.

    i also respect old rhinehart for not spending the yearly budget of small countries on hair care, beauty products, or clothing. shes an ugly bint and doesnt worry about it.

    its like racism.

    its a load of BS.

    humans are naturally racist. otherwise we wouldnt HAVE races. we wouldnt have borders or countries. why do asians look asian? cus they segregrated and bred with other asians! same goes for every other skin colour. just like flamingoes and emus are both birds, but do they hang out together? no.

    i do take offense at the old british attitude that "white is superior" mind you. because ive noticed all brits have terrible teeth while these so called "ignorant savages" have what could only be defined as PERFECT teeth...

    the language you speak determines how you think, the way you visualise things and communicate/express those views.

    religion? ill forever put buddhist into my census. no bhuddist comes knocking at my door asking if ive heard the word of the Tao or something. no buddhist declares death to any and all heretics. they just shrug and say something about karma.

    yet jehovahs and catholics and all them others are allowed to hassle me daily?

    i DO loathe the redhead that shall not be named. she is definitely australias most hated woman.
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    read the texts...

    the best thing about being hassled by bible bashers when out and about is having read the book.

    ask em to quote some galatians. deuteronomy... how about some titus?

    they get all embarrassed when you ask them about the lords prayer. yep, there they go, reciting matthew 6:10...

    "very nice" i say... then they ask if id like to join them in prayer. to which i say...matthew chapter 6, "please start from the beginning." not say your christian so as to be seen. dont do good deeds with the intention of being seen. when giving alms, let the left not know what the right is doing. when praying, do not repeat endless meaningless incantations (ie the lords prayer) thinking that with many words you shall be heard.

    pray in private, secretly. dont even bother praying, god already knows what you want and need. he has already heard.

    the lords prayer is more of a guide than a mandate.

    jesus also appears in the koran. or qoran. whatever.

    i hope all them spaniards (cortez bunch of fools) and all the other catholics that have murdered in the name of god merely to take gold and land and slaves, are all burning perpetually in agony :)
  10. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I live amongst the catholics down here and they never bother or argue or anything. One reason I am hum-hawing about moving back to the States is that about half the people are bible thumpers who "stink" of religion and make me nauseous just looking at them with all their superficial niceness with that gold lined bible under their arm that is full of errors that they conveniently ignore. And all the sales people make me sick with their meaningless superficial goodbye of "have a nice day" like it was totally in my control or something!
  11. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Whatever happened to this thread being about Gina Reinhart; an obnoxious woman who is totally loathed by most Australians, coming in at a close second place in public loathing to our most dismal and deplorable Prime Minister in the history of Australian politics; worse than even Gough Whitlam and that takes some serious effort.
  12. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    well Fab, that is a local issue, something only you Aussies would know about. I like her in the video. outspoken and truthful.
  13. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    If you said that in the streets of Australia, it would get you lynched.