Rich's first post in this fine forum.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by suntzutao, May 24, 2010.

  1. suntzutao

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    Good evening, and hello to all. I already have a bike, (2010 schwinn corvette). I also have already bought my first kit and have been diligently working on my new bike. I found your forum after running into a freewheel problem on my grubee hub.

    Their looks like a lot of good people here, so I felt it would be a great site to join.

    I was a bricklayer for fifteen years, going to school for mechanical engineering due to back problems. I am also a grandfather of three and really appreciate the family friendly atmosphere. I am also an incessant tinkerer, so getting into motorized bikes seems like a great, cost effective hobby.

    I would rather be outside than tapping on my computer, so I will do my best to check the site as often as time allows.


  2. ncaos

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    hi rich .. I'm from chile and here at the moment are these motorized bicycles miy little but every day they are come more and more in this tededicas sure it will go very well .. and I think this is one of the best forums on this ...
  3. professor

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    Hi Rich, welcome aboard!
  4. suntzutao

    suntzutao New Member

    Thank you

    Thanks professor, I have ordered the freewheel that was bumfuzzling me on my grubee hub. Thanks to an archived thread I found. It is what prompted me to join this site. Love these bikes brother, most are very clean, and not overcomplicated. Looking forward to eventually being a viable contributor.
  5. suntzutao

    suntzutao New Member

    Thanks ncaos, I left a quick comment on your bike. Must be nice to live where you can ride almost all year round.