Rick from Riverside Ca.

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    I found this site because of a posting by "Pablo" (Paul) on the bobistheoilguy site, thanks Paul.

    I have been riding motorcycles for over 40 years now. We have a small fleet that includes two 2005 Whizzers , a couple of street bikes and two scooters. I commute to work daily and do long distance touring on my ST1100.

    I have spent the last week reading posting about the Whizzers and have picked up lots of valuable hints.
    Thanks to all for posting such helpful information.

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  2. NunyaBidness

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    hey Rick welcome aboard
    glad you joined us and I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of your rides;)
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    Seems we're in the same area. ever get unwanted attention from the police here?
  4. Rick_A

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    No problems so far with the LEOs but I really don't ride the Whizzers much. I spend most of my time on the scooter or Motorcycle.