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    I am building my first motorized bike. I have a 1994 GT Mountain Bike and am installing the Phantom Edition Deluxe 2 Stroke 50cc Gas Engine Kit I purchased from http://www.bicycle-engines.com/ . I am just about finished but have run into an issue which I believe lurking in the forum may have already solved. I had our local bike shop, the Bike Lane, make the rear drive wheel using the Heavy Duty Axle Kit. The issue I have is that when trying to start the bike the main drive hub begins to unthread.

    Anyway - great forum and thanks to the moderators and community.

    The Hoagster!

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    Hi Rick, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Rick in Reston Va here

    Hi and Welcome Rick.
    You might consider a pullstarter for your engine, they are available from a couple of sources I know of. You'd probably need a wider pedal spacing though.(I did on two bikes)
    Let me know how your bike handles those mountains. I was born and grew up in Tazewell, Va and remember the hills very well. Rode a 1950 something schwinn cruiser all over those mountains. I should say I walked the bike up a lot of those and coasted down.
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