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  1. Hello everyone GREAT to find this site should be a wealth of knowledge and a great place to communicate on the road.

    I have been planning my trip now for 3 months and will be leaving this week!

    Why ride across america on a 48cc bike you ask.... ? I say WHY NOT.

    I have taken 2 month leave of absence from work to do this.

    Well anyways, just thought I'd get som feed back, I am going from Tampa Florida to Los Angels CA. I have planned maticulously and have everythng I could need (parts, etc etc). (heel I could **** near build another engine... which may actually happen).

    Anyways, I am doing this for multiple reason but I'll keep my reasons to myself unless people really want to know my CAUSE.

    Well nice to meet all of you and , I will be posting photo's, blogs etc on my site and **** maybe even here daily or bi-daily depending on Wi-Fi

    P.s. My bike is a 2010 Diamondback Drifter 2 cruiser (all aluminum), 48 CC Grubee engine etc etc

    I'll try and post pics later as I have to get back out and ride some more as I just put another new engine on it for the trip and need to break her in

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    Saw your intro but I'll say Hi here and welcome to MBc. Sounds like quite an adventure so sure, tell us more, sounds like you'll be a good ambassador to the sport of MBs.
    Here's to a satisfying and fulfilling journey, ride safe and responsibly, look forward to your updates.
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    Good luck. I hope you have a great ride and are carying a couple spare HT engines ;-)
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  4. I would look up the states that is not legal and skip those and map your route, unless of course you have plates,lights,insurance,license,dot aproved helmet...lucky youre not going threw NY.
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    I'm in the LA area, I'll be at the finish line waiting for you. Have fun!
  6. Way ahead of you. Spent a lot of time researching all the legalities first

    :helmet: :grin5:
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  8. Well 177 miles in so far in 2 days. =)
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    good start,very interesting ride,good choice on power.
  10. YAY... hit Atlanta today, Now time to head west. Engine still runnin like a champ 400+ miles in. Oh, and I met some random person today they had a little scooter that was just sitting around (4 stroke) I yanked the engine out and a few other things like brake light etc, Threw it in the trailer. Will take some work but I think I can rig it up to work on the bike, (If not ,... **** it gives me something to do in my down time) According to the speedo on the scooter it only has like 100 miles on it. Figure if nothing else and it dont work quite right I can just toss it
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    COOOL keep us posted.......need help theres plenty of folks here to chip in.
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    Leaving Atlanta...I know you will be in the Birmingham area Sunday if all goes well. I live 15 miles South of I-459 right off I-65. Have given you (in PM) my home and cell phone number should you need assistance.
    Funny my Dad lives in Plant City...:)

    Wonder if Arizona will leave the lights on for you....

    And your WEB address is ????????
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    Hope your journey will take you thru Colorado. If it does, I'll see if I can take a leave of absence from work and ride with you through the state that God blessed with incredible beauty.
  14. Hello everyone sorry for the delay in my posting but about a week into my trip someone stole my backpack from my camp site at a state park.

    My tools, My net book, my digital camera, and some random stuff, they also got my fishin pole and my sleeping bag (why someone would take someones sleeping bag is besides me).

    Anyways that was the bad.

    The Good: Well, I started north as people could see in my post that I had made it from Tampa Florida to Atlanta. Well, instead of going directly west from there I decided to head north first. I wanted to beat the summer heat of the south. So not only is my trip being extended but it is going a different route.

    New Route: Tampa to Michigan... Michigan west to Washington.

    So how far have have I made it you ask???

    Well I am at what I consider Check point (1). I am currently in Bay CIty Michigan. Over 1250 miles later.

    Everything has been absolutely AMAZING thus far. Although tough but worth it going over the appilation mountians was Beautiful.

    I haven't had to many issues, had a half dozen flats (to be expected), Broke one chain, and the throttle cable got a break that I was able to repair without much difficulty. People have been amazing and I have had well over 50-100 people ask me where they can get a engine kit for their bike etc. how hard it was to put on etc.

    The Cops: The police have been great I have not had 1 Single issue with the police. In fact I have gotten directions from at least 3 different officers, and so far have had 5 different officers ask me where to get an egine how to put it together what th gas milages is etc etc. (heck I gave 2 of them my phone # so they could call if they had any more questions w/ install and what not). The only time I thought I was in trouble was in Ohio where a cop actually flicked on his lights behind me and stopped me. I was thinking "OH, ****", Needless to say he saw me 1 town previous refueling and just wanted to know how the bike was made and where he could get one (a bit of abuse of the lights but if it gets him into motored bikes so be it) he is also one of the officers I gave my Number.

    The very bad : 80 miles back I blew my first engine , the bad thing is it was MY FAULT... I forgot to mix oil in with the gas like an idiot, so I pedaled the 80 miles to bay city , MI. My uncle whom I have not seen in 13 years lives here. (I arrived last night day 19). Needless to say I am going to order another engine kit (Dont need a whole kit but help spare parts r good).

    If anyone know where to get one the absolute cheapest let me know. I am searching the web today, I am just pinchin every penny I can =) .

    I will upload a mapquest image later showing my exact route and I have been taking pictures with my phone so I am gona try and see how to transfer them online later and I will upload them foreveryone to see.


  15. Some pictures:

    North Georgia<br>

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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. More tennessee (getting close to KY)


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  18. My Dog hiding... Oh yeah did I ever mention my Dog (basset hound "copper") came with me he travels in my trailer and LOVES it!

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  19. Some Signs etc...





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  20. This pic just looked kewl for a cell phone shot

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