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    Here's the status of my motorbike as of Thursday. Clutch bucking bar was looking funny so I replaced it with one from another motor. Ground down and smoothed the clutch cam. On the other side of the clutch I greased the two gears and checked the clutch pad pucks. After about a year of heavy use, the clutch pads have hardly worn at all! The clutch action is very smooth now.

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    Nice lookin' bike there, Timbone.

    And definitely ride to work as often as you can. That makes having a job worth-while.
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    Thanks, BGW. It takes so much work to keep this thing rolling. But it saves me so much money. I love keeping the car parked as much as possible!

    Now that the weather is warm, it's two wheel commute time. Last year, 84 bicycle rides, 49 motorbike rides, and 106 drives to work.

    I'd like to keep my drives to work under 100 but the weather here has been wet and cold. Already 50 drives in for 2016. If the rain stays away, I'll motorbike in tomorrow.

    I'm working on a battery powered headlight built from bright leds. I have more improvements to make to protect it from the roughness of riding.
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    Just a suggestion, if you save enough $$ to consider it, get a GEBE set up for the work commutes, and keep the frame mount for fun.Once mounted, adjusted, and secured, you check tire pressure, mount security, and that you have your toolkit, and you're off.I haven't done anything past fixing a flat in the last 3 years, like a car, jump on a and go vehicle.
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