Rider returning to bikes, first was stolen

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RFlash, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. RFlash

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    Hey there,

    I have decided to return to mb'iking, my first was stolen a while ago and as I had a car, I didn't replace it.. now.. some *uhems* person.. in his hotted up car rammed mine, I don't have a car anymore either...

    So, I am thinking of a F80 on my mountainbike. I used to have a zbox 66cc, they look no different and seem to have the same weaknesses, such as in the first year I had to replace fuel lines, pretty much all cables, brake pads, fuel filter (there was no in line filter to begin with), spark plug lead, plugs.. Umm.. oh, and I always fried the globes in the headlamp, no generator style "on wheel" lights this time.

    Is the market still about the same, I am thinking of spending up to $250 on the motor initially, the more money in my pocket at the end the better.

    I'm not interested in any performance mods, maybe for reliability and minimising maintenance, but thats all.
    Oh, Im a girl, took me a while to learn about all that stuff, so go easy on me :sweatdrop:


  2. srdavo

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    Welcome aboard :D
  3. RFlash

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    Thanks :)

    Just looking at the bike I am using for the MB, it has calipers on the back, but everything else seems good, a little worn, but shimano all around, I dont know what the bike frame is, but it is steel (has some surface rust on a few scratches). My last conversion was done on an alloy bike, oversize frame, had to drill it. Wasn't too bad, i've been trying to find photos to upload, see if I can find the gutter trash who stole it.

    I guess, f80b is ideal. :) I just added a gps mount to the bike and waterproof enclosure.
  4. The_Inventor

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    If you use the F80B engine you will probably want to replace the studs so the 'high quality' chinese ones dont break and cause havoc.
  5. RFlash

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    I'm on the lookout for some replacements, I will replace most bolts, I had to last time, they stripped/broke. Wish I could remember where I got the engine studs from..
  6. The_Inventor

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    All I did was get a 1 meter length of threaded rod and cut it up to the length of the stud it was going to replace. I got mine from Coventrys for only $2.30
  7. RFlash

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    What rating? I just need to know what to ask for. I was looking at the stuff on SBP.
  8. retromike3

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    I got a kit for my skyhawk 66 from Sick Bike Parts they set me up with a full set of hardened (I think they were grade eight) nuts and bolts. They have worked well, compared to the junk that came with the kit.

    If you can, make sure to have enough room left over in your bolts to double nut everything. I also like using blue lock-tight just to make sure that it stays wear its put.

    I had an oversized tube mount that I only put one 10 mm bolt on each side just to see if it would let go and sure enough six months later I was getting some weird vibrations at different RPMs. For a wile I was thinking that I had something become unbalanced in my engine. I then remembered about the nuts and sure enough those two 10 mm nuts had gotten a just a little loose. I had to move the engine block out of the way to get at them, but I finally got them in place. Now the vibration has gone away and everything is back to normal.

  9. V 35

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    Quick word on slicing up Metric threaded rod. Get the * Hardened * rod Most bikes either an M6 or an M8
    How to cut rod ... Put a bunch of plain nuts on the rod, stagger nuts so that after you cut rod with cut off wheel,
    spin nuts off to chase threads . Grind dull point on end that receives head nuts, makes replacing nuts much easier.