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Jul 2, 2018
Had to take the Mrs to the bridal shop for a dress fitting. About 10 minutes in there was all I could stand, so I sneaked over next door to the Cycle Gear shop. Ended up spending too much money, but got some cool gear.

First up:

(sorry bout the huge pic there)
A pair of Sedici Lucca leather riding gloves. These have gel inserts in the palms to isolate against vibration, which my bike has its share of. Combined with the memory-foam grips, these gloves really do the trick. They don't get hot like I was afraid they would and are super comfy. Linky: http://sedici.com/product/lucca-leather-motorcycle-gloves/

And the impulse purchase:

http://www.dragspecialties.com/products/?productId=224052 These are the same goggles you can get on ebay or Amazon for like six bucks, if you're patient enough to wait on shipping from China and don't need to try them on first. I wanted something that fits over my eyeglasses and these do. Yeah, so maybe they make me look like a goober, like riding a homemade moped doesn't? Ain't care.

What's in the bag, honey? Uh.... nothin'....