Riding in 105 heat / Palm Springs

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    Hey everyone,
    I have pretty much finished my mods on the PS Cruiser.

    I added Ron's clutch roller...works nicely.

    Trimmed the rear fender to avoid any chain issues.

    Installed the #41 chain and managed to get the slack out so no tension arm needed. Along with upgrading the seat and alloy pedals.

    Now I am struggling with the oil mix. I have read hundreds of posts here regarding oil mix and I am more confused than when I started. I ran 16:1 for the first tank and leaned it down to 30:1. Now it runs and idles much nicer but after riding on the weekend with the 105 heat I must say the motor was pretty hot.

    Oh BTW I have now officially branded my left leg with about 6 motor fin marks so I have been initiated. I know people here suggest wearing long pants but that is just not an option when it is 105 degrees.

    So the questions I have, and as I said I know there are hundreds of posts regarding oil. What kind of oil should I use? I am thinking of changing to Royal Purple Synthetic, and what ratio do I need to maintain in this heat to keep the thing functioning properly and healthy?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am brand new to this stuff.

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    The drift I get here is that more oil actually leans out the engine, since it displaces fuel.
    Lean mixtures run hotter than richer.
    How does the plug look?
    Whiteish would be on the lean side while tan would be just right. If it is on the lean side you can raise the needle a knotch to richen it a bit and cool the motor.
    Too rich and it will foul the plug.

    But you can get burned at the normal temp of an air cooled motor.

    I suppose you can make a guard of some kind, but wearing pants would also give some protection in case you ever go down- not just the pavement but the hot engine could land on u.
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    105 degrees must feel even hotter on a murdered out (black) motorbike.
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    Thank you for the tips. It is funny how it is the opposite of what you would normally think but makes sense that more oil could actually cause more heat. I will check the plug.
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    It's hot no matter what. When it gets to 122 in Palm Springs every degree added seems like another 10 degrees. The only thing I try to do is have a wet white towel on the seat when I am parked.