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    Okay, I've read all of the DMV laws but I just want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE 100% first-off....I'm 17(18 in October) I know all about small engines and these bikes and many people say I'm pretty intelligent! I have my Instruction Permit(temps...does this count as a special/restricted license? I'd say so...what do you think) I have a CLEAN criminal record. Never been in trouble with the law. I'm 99% positive I'm legal and safe but i just want to double check as I see alot of cops while out and about cruising. I'd like a link to a law that I can print off and carry around with me. But the question is AM I legal? I haven't got hassled yet and one day there was a block party with a bunch of firemen and cops standing outside and I rode on by as all of the eyes followed me as I went down the street last summer. I'm really scared of being ticketed/pulled over from some officer that doesn't know crap about the law(s). I am very courteous to traffic, I obey speed limits, I use hand signals when turning. My friends in Green bay, Milwaukee area all ride theirs without problems But I NEED to be sure that I can ride around without hearing a siren behind me. So please let me know that the answer is YES....please please please. Thanks guys! I'm pretty sure I'm okay but let me KNOW that...and give me a link that I can print out please. Thanks!

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    you will be fine, you need your drivers license, but if you ride safe and ride smart you should be fine. have a head light and tail light? they are must haves, also always signal your turns, dont speed, dont weave in and out of traffic. and i would print out the state statutes and carry them with you, ive only needed to pull them out once, but it was worth it. it only takes one cop not knowing the law to write you a ticket, if you have the state laws on hand, he is less likely to write a ticket that would be thrown out in court anyways. seeing we are neighbors, drop me a PM, im planning several group rides in green bay this spring and summer and would love some more riders. also, heads up, the beja shriners is putting on a bicycle show september 28 in green bay, would love to see you there, last year a motorized bicycle built by a member of the Rat *******s car club came in first place in the custom class.