Riding in the rain

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  1. Dice1

    Dice1 New Member

    anyone ever ride in the rain? any problems?



    I have been caught out a few times but more often I can't wait for things to dry up before I want to ride. The only problem I have had so far is the wet stripe up my back from not having a proper rear fender on any of my bikes!
  3. VROOM

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    I run fenders so the rain isn't really a problem. I did notice my V brakes weren't as effective when wet. I live in Oregon where we get more liquid sunshine then most so fenders are a must.
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I vowed to commute to work (12 mile round trip), rain or shine.:devilish:

    I've only put my rain gear on 6 times last year, three times with rain pants. By day's end, rain is gone and roads are dry. Rain is warm. If it was practical, I'd ride in my shorts in rainy weather.

    I ride in rain less than 20mph. In 35mph zones, I ride on isolated sidewalks @ slower speeds.

    When I reach work, I'm dry as a bone.

    My Tanaka 47R engine does not mind the rain.

    No fenders. Altho I don't get the striped back, I DO get muddy water in my face.
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  5. Dice1

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    ran tonight just to hop place to place in a small rain. ran fine but when kickin the motor over the rear tire did skid a bit.
  6. shell shock

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    Just make sure your mag coil is sealed. rain likes to fry your electronics at the furthest distance from home!

    Biked in the rain last night though
  7. SimpleSimon

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    Got caught in a rainstorm about 3 miles from home on my trike conversion once. Didn't have fenders on it yet then, and I got thoroughly soaked, head to foot. No preblems from the running gear or the engine, and I had dual rear disc brakes on that trike, so I noticed no difference in braking. Cornering was always a matter of extreme care with it, but I did notice a bit of tire side slip on one corner on the wet payement.

    Mostly, if it is raining, I find shelter and wait it out. Around here the rain usually comes at the 2-3 inch per hour rate or greater, but seldom lasts even an hour.
  8. haoleboy

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    I love riding in the rain!!! I have my full foul weather gear, like the construction people wear, that is the lime grean wear with the silver stripes!

    good fun!!!!
  9. jeffuehrer

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    I keep my bike out of the rain. Water and metal don't go together very well or rubber and wet road surfaces. Not to mention I didn't wrap any of my wires up. I love riding on sunny days and we get plenty of them here in AZ.
  10. waintain

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    on the fritz

    Seal your electronics otherwise you'll regret it.
  11. 5-7 heaven don't you run the dual friction drive kit. Do you have any good tire selctions that will last 800-1000 miles
  12. Fabian

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    Surprisingly, the electrics have held up well in the rain (sometimes being caught out in torrential downpours) with 2-stroke Happy-time style engines.

    Longest ride in the rain was for around 30 kilometers, though my bike has mudguards.

    Rain no longer worries me regarding reliability; if it starts raining i just keep riding to my destination.