riding in the rain



I having seen this question posted, maybe I haven't spotted it, but here it goes... Is there any problem with riding these chinese 80cc engines in the rain, aside from getting wicked wet, but any harm on these engines. Also I'll have to lock it up outside at my work, what would happen if it gets wet? thanks!
as long as your carb, your gas tank and you CDI are not allowing water inside you should be fine. it's okay to get the block wet. I keep a plastic bag draped over mine all the time, which isn't pretty but keeps it dry.
i ride year-round...in the rain i wear a full rainsuit...i've never had a problem with the rain hurting the ignition, but i've heard of it happening.

i have a columbia "ibex" rainsuit...very supple but durable, & great coverage...affordable, too.
in early spring be careful ,,depends on when you live ,, over the winter months the roads are salted , the first few rains can eat everything on your bike including the driver ,,well maybe not the driver
barely any ice here...not worth salting. that doesn't matter tho because the ocean-air takes care of any polishing i do, which i don't bother doing anymore.
make sure your {hot}connection dont ground out on the frame when it,s wet.i sealed mine with shrink wrap and dieelectric.and the connection,s are soldered not clipped on.not 1 short in a 1000k.
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Yep, agree w/ Dave heatshrink the output wires from the magneto.

Also, FYI friction brakes pads hardly work in wet weather. You may wish to consider a drum break or disk brakes which tolerate wet weather better.

I got caught in a bad storm yesterday about 10 miles from home...10 miles uphill. I had to pedal to maintain 30 mph but engine would pull at 26 mph uphill but needed every bit of speed.

FYI, you can get struck and killed by lightening while on a bike.
my first ride to work i got caught in a storm and the only problem i had was the water coming off the front wheel getting in my face and mouth, 10 bucks for a fender and problem solved