Riding MBs - Necessity or Therapy ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mountainman, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Mountainman

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    Well, the ordering of my little Subaru 35cc a while back was a matter of necessity - yes, got into some trouble with my drivers license. I was pretty bummed out - living up in the mountains - no public transportation. Had noticed a guy years back that had built a small MB because he had no drivers license - I thought that this may be a way to get around a little - so - placed my order. Have papers that state that I can ride my MB without a license - will see if they work if and when I get pulled over ? What I have noticed since riding is - this is a GREAT FORM OF THERAPY. Takes me back to the old days when I did much motorcycle riding. There is something (as you know) so special about getting out in the world on my little MB - cruising about at a fairly slow speed - letting that little wonder of a piston - do it's job with such little gas used - seeing all of God's wonders up close - yes God - great time to pray while riding - humble - grateful. What I have found is - riding for me is therapy - better than going to any doctor and telling them what's going on in my life - my prescription for the day is - one long MB ride. Happy Riding from - Mountainman

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    Thats good news! Except for the losing the license part. I am in the same boat as you. Probably worse actually.
    I live in the city, but I came from the country. I don't belong here. I find myself going on long cruises out on the back roads in the country. It is so nice to get out of the noisy city, and cruise around slow enjoying nature. I notice alot more things that I have never noticed when I drove on those roads. It's a heck of alot cheaper too. I can cruise around for hours and it only cost me some pocket change.
    Enjoy the ride!
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    hey mountainman! i to have evolved from ht to subaru gebe ! i started rideing motored things at 6. my family comes from a more heroic era of cycleing & these take me back to that time!
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    Ahh yes mountainman. Good prescription for the spirit. When im riding out of town
    I find myself stopping and looking at alot of the little things. Ant mounds to cloud
    formations. Shoot, once I even found a dollar on the ground. Thats 2 tanks of gas in my MB. :grin:
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    That is great Mountainman. I live in a burb outside Nashville so there are many country roads round here. Tonight I was cruising thru a subdivision in my usual 20 mph and just the smells are amazing. Cut grass, asphalt, exhaust, and I passed a few houses where they were drying clothes - downey fabric softener I think - :rolleyes: a bit further and the farm yard animals.....

    For me it is therapy but also I put some Wald folding baskets on the back and I love to cruise a 1/2 mile to the grocery store.

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  6. Mountainman

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    Hi you MB ers.. This is cool - a thread to learn a little more about why we ride -- as if we didn't know -- it's down right fun.. Yes today, just what the doctor ordered - one very, very long ride in the country. Hey, met a friend here on MB site - he may be coming down for a ride - that's just another blessing. Hoping to hear from a lot more riders. You all be safe - have a lot of fun and Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  7. ZnsaneRyder

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    Therapy for me, and a necessity lately. It's such a mood lifter to ride the bike on long trips.

    Also I meet more people since I ride a MB. Socializing is more fun now, and I meet so many cool people now and make more friends and aquaintainces, and girls in their cars flirt with me when I ride in town in the bike lanes and on sidewalks :grin:
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    I'm in DL trouble also. Hopefully soon I will get out of it. Now the ONLY reason I want my DL back to to have a gasser MB! Unfortunately I live in the "Die to Live Free" state where all combustion engines require a DL!
  9. Happy Valley

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    Nice post, MM, wish there were more like it.

    Everybody has different reasons for wanting a MB but as I read through many posts I sometimes wonder, with the almost contant drum about speed it seems some would be happier with a motorcycle.

    I am not subject to 'mission creep', I want a motor assisted bicycle and I consider the speed I would obtain by pedaling a bike to be about my target for a MB with the obvious bonus of having the motor doing much of the work for me if I want it while having the option to get exercise when that is wanted as well.
  10. Simon_A

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    For me its definitely therapy. Just hop on the bike and ride. Even short runs that wouldnt use much fuel in by car, I prefer to pull on all my gear and ride.
  11. Skyliner70cc

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    Therapy. I used to go on long motorcycle rides when I was a teen in the 80's. It helped me clear my mind and adjust to the problems of the day-growing up as a teen.
  12. Mountainman

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    Hi Simon -- Yes, country living is soo special for ones heart !! I was born and raised in the city - had friends when I was young that lived out in the back country - but - said to myself at that time - that I would NEVER live in the country - then when I was around 30 - moved out towards the lower mountains - loved it - moved again - out even further - then moved again the the top of this mountain that the little Lady and I live on today - been here almost 20 years now - on the end of a long dirt road - we have a 925 ft deep water well - great water - animals - one of the biggest rocks in our yard that Ive seen around - yes - the ladies reading this may not understand - big rock - may be a guy thing ? And people up here - MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS - can leave many things out in the yard - and nothing has ever been stolen - I know that I am going on and on - but - my wife and I feel very blessed to live here - not to leave out - great place to take a MB ride - at times it's a must - got to get somewhere - others - just for the MIND AND SOUL !!! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    My girl friend says I'm addicted.(>>WE<<only have six) I say MAYBE, But its cheeper than Drag Racing Cars.
    It's alot of fun, when friends come over to ride the bikes. They can't believe that my 24" Typhoon is so Quick. I made it look old and tired. even wired on the chain guard (for the look) LOL
    under the ugly is a 70cc ported/polished, shaved head screamin engine, the only problem with it is starting it.. got to get up lots of speed, cause it slips the clutch, due to very high compression. to get it to turn over.

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    Hey Maxx -- you got it going on there -- if one breaks down -- you are still up and running -- I have a broken spoke - rear -- down for a moment -- be up later -- if I had another MB or two -- wouldn't care much !! Nice looking MBs you got there !! Let's see - which MB shall Maxx ride ? Yes, I like that !! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    I pretty much just ride my MB for the pure enjoyment of it. Sure I take it to the local stores and farm stands but more often I'm just cruising around enjoying the sites and having fun on the bike. I live too far from work to make the MB a practical form of transportation for me every day unfortunately.
  16. I'm all of the above. Yes. My MB is my major ride.
    I needed to get a couple of cases of water today and it was pouring out. Normally I would hitch up the trailer but today I dusted off my truck.
    I don't miss it.
    I used to blast my stereo with the big woofers and the huge amp.
    But I left my radio off.
    It's boring,man.
    I know why.
    That windshield.
    How come there's a law that cars have to have windshields?
    Sometimes I do bum out about the having to ride slow.
    But most of the time it's nice.
    I do want a motorcycle for when I'm struggling with time.
    But I bet I'll still ride my MB's more.
  17. To this day I Hop on one of my Motorcycles And It really Helps Me cope.

    If i need to be alone I hop on the old Shovel head Harley and head for the Highway Of back roads.
    If something is eating Me or I'm Mad as HEII i hop on my XRL650 Honda And rip the track up in my back yard.
    My wife Will come Home and see me Ripping the track up and she usually greats me By whispering ..
    OK what's wrong....

    When i feel Social I like to hop on the Motorized Bike to Go out and strike up a friendly conversation with the onlookers.



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  19. CalgarysFool

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    Ok I have to admit that my posting to this interesting thread is a bit fraudulent, since I do not yet have my bike. It should hopefully arrive next week. But I have read a little bit about therapy and, of course, have long been a great fan of Drs Phil and Laura.

    Skyliner kicked this thing off by identifying at least one therapeutic benefit that motored-biking seems to share with motor-biking: relief from stress during times of emotional turmoil, and a related effect of that relief -- clarity of thinking.

    Several have identified that MBc's force one out into the fresh air and while there, to slow down and enjoy the roses -- surely two results of any good therapy or therapeutic endeavor.

    Oop. Gotta go. I'll add some more later


  20. mark2yahu

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    My MB is a necessity.....for a back-up mode of transpo. In case of any type of crisis that might come about.

    It's fun to ride. Having fun is therapeutic. More so than any drink, or a frontal lobotomy.

    "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. But it's better to be riding a bike, than being a resident in psych."
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