Riding my 48cc to work via the Coast Hwy 101!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by seahaggy, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. seahaggy

    seahaggy New Member

    I'm riding my 48cc Huffy "Good Vibrations" bike to the restaurant I work at in San Diego, CA. I use a motorcycle Helmet! I have a surfboard rack on the side for my 5'10". Life is good!

  2. Mountainman

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    welcome -- that's very cool -- 101 is a beautiful Highway

    I am just 25 miles east of San Diego -- up in them mountains

    ride that THING
  3. rlsdsurfer

    rlsdsurfer New Member


    I'm in Encinitas, I'm lookin at building a motorized bike. I surf North County and also have racks am excited about it, but need some info first. What kind of bike do you have? and engine?

  4. seahaggy

    seahaggy New Member

    Hi Ron, I have a skyhawk 2 stroke engine that goes 25+ on a Huffy Good Vibrations mountainbike that has front shocks! Last April 2007 I had been researching motorized bikes on the internet when I saw one locked up and for sale across from Swami's Cafe! The engine was new and I bought it for 400. After a year and a half the vibration is too much so it needs attention to detail, like remounting the engine. I've been researching 4 stroke engines and I'm aiming to buy one of them soon! seahaggy
  5. Mountainman

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    that little Robin ---------- SWEET

    that little Robin is a sweet 4 stroke THING

    ride that THING
  6. rlsdsurfer

    rlsdsurfer New Member

    HI Seahag, thanks for reply. What kind of 2 stroke have you been using? Is you bike a single speed? Ever have a problem with exhast leaks, hot oil and gas blowing out the exhaust manfold? I'm told in here they all leak!! Don't want hot oil all over my stick! What kind of 4 stroke are you considering. I'm also lookin at the 4 stroke but I don't think I have enough space to mount it. I have side mount racks for my Rusty and am a bit concerned about the front bracket where the gas tank goes.
  7. seahaggy

    seahaggy New Member

    My 2 stroke is a cheap china engine I believe because I have had the oil seep out where the muffler attaches only to tighten the bolts too much and strip them! The four stroke is shown at CycleHappy.com. seahaggy
  8. rlsdsurfer

    rlsdsurfer New Member

    Wow, so it's true these lil engines leak! Someone on here is selling a gasket they swear well stop all leaks. He also cliams that ALL the engines blow hot oil and gas on you. Did you get this problem also? Did you get hot oil/gas on your stick? Thanks for the site info on the 4 stroke.

  9. seahaggy

    seahaggy New Member

    My 2 stroke never blew oil and gas on me! I checked the weld of where the muffler goes and it is like whobbled! I still ride it with a shortboard surfboard rack for my 5'10"! I also have a Army Recon Foldable Full Suspension bike that I'm checking into see if it could be done up with a 4 stroke!
  10. wavygravy

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    welcome! theres the seahag tavern here hwy 101 on the longbeach peninsula in wa. state. come on up for a ride seahaggy!!
  11. sunsetboy

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    Wear that helmet! It's the LAW!

    I ride in SF up north and DMV code 406a states that a DOT helmet is mandatory for riding. I need a helmet because this town is nuts and full of really crazy drivers and have already broken two ribs and smashed up my elbow and left knee. Please be careful. And if you ride at night like myself, get some lights. The cops up here are quite picky about it.:helmet:
  12. rlsdsurfer

    rlsdsurfer New Member

    wow a fold-up with a 4 stroke! Good luck, I did see one can't remember where. There might be a pic in the gallery.
    Turns out I'm SOL on my project. I only have 9" of space between the chain guide and the cross bar. I need 12" for the RAW and 14" for the HondaGX35
    So unless I want to go rear mount I need to by a new bike. Just spent 150 on this one. So I'm bummed.... :frown:

  13. seahaggy

    seahaggy New Member

    We all try to avoid "them" but we learn from our mistakes! "It's not how smart we are but how much ignorance we have left" LOL! Golden Eagle Bike Engines @ Bikeengines.com has the info about how to pick the correct bike for motored biking!
    I'm riding my bike to work tomorrow because of the street fair in downtown Encinitas. I want to sell it in the next few weeks to buy the 4 stroke for my foldable bike! I always wear a motorcycle helmet when riding my "momo" as my grandaughter calls it! Seahaggy
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  14. seahaggy

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    Thanks for the invite wavygravy! I was up in Seattle and then to Blaine after labor day this year! Next May might be the call! seahaggy