Riding my Worksman LGB @ Old San Juan

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    Hey guys,

    After some wait i can say im hving fun all over with my new bike!!! i love it, its a Worksman LGB. this bikes are made in USA and have been in the industry for more then 110 years!:eek:

    small review:

    ive riden it 3 times for my daily 10k. the bike weights 73 pounds, i like to test weight trying to lift the bike with one hand, it is so heavy i cant lift it! well i can but doing wrong forces on my back. it rides very nicely for leasure and nearby grossery shopping, and for people like me, who think that stepping up the bar makes for a stronger man, so im using the extra weight as fitness program. its a sacrifice i knew before buying this awsome machine! (not recomended for people with strains of any kind)

    the basket is HUGE! i drove a 40 pound dog without any problem, and the added weight was not an issue. to be more preccise the bascket and stand weigh more or less the same as the frame!:sweatdrop: but they are super handy.....the stand is so tough that i can sit on the bike, and start pedaling! its super cool.

    it can handle small slopes but i would say that the rider would be exausted after 3 slopes...lol

    an old man yelled "do you sell it?" and could only respond witha lie...im not sure why, i said "it just got out of the paintshop", which is a lie, i didnt want to tell him "you could buy it, but not ride it because of the heavy weight factor"....but next time!! next time ill see what happends....it is a very unique bike, but i can see why the guys at worksman told me that their bikes are more intended for industrial use.

    the bike is beautifull, i could say that this bike has a "BOLD" font in comparison to all other bikes. it looks tough like a tank, and classic.

    This bike is perfect for a motor, because :
    1. it tough like a motorcycle
    2. its beutifull
    3. it needs the extra umph
    4. i want to do it! lol

    heres a couple of pics, riding @ Old San Juan, hope you guys enjoy it.

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  2. Batmobile$

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    Nice bike!

    I wish you luck on the build! Please post pictures of your work, This is an interesting bike.
  3. echotraveler

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    motor kit to be ordered in 2 days. i still have much to plan..

    oh yeah i forgot! The mail dropped off some Reelight SL120

    this are an addition to the reflectors. each signal has 2 leds and 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch big.

    comes with 2 magnets each light. check them out for 40 bucks their pretty fair priced.

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  4. echotraveler

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    Today i'll have to visit Home Depot, the spokes are so thick that i cant install the magnets on them! They use screws, so getting longer screws should fix it...and tommorw ordering from bike berry.

    Hey, just came from "La casa de los tornillos" "the house of screws" and bought some longer screws to fit my Reelight set into the huge spokes the worksman has. Hope today i can see them in action..

    on another note: from my house to old san juan theres a distance of 8.5km pretty good excersice (17km round trip)
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