Wheels riding on a cracked rim

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by anthony1973, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Just got off work and looked my bike over.Seen a nice crack across the top of rim.Has not affected the side lips yet.Being I cannot afford a rim this week I think I will take my chances util next week.This Is dangerous.I can get a 14 gauge cheapo rim at the local shop and worry about quality Of It.Or order off the net payday and get a more solid rim.Last thing I needed to happen In my lucky life.

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    JUST DONT GO FAST! i would say max speed 1MPH! And even at that speed you can get killed!
    i would try to find and old bike and take the rims off it for your bike til next week
    You only have one life so be careful(and no one whats to see you injured:eek:)
    Every thing happens in a split second :icon_cry:
    take care and ride safely
  3. I wouldn't ride it. Most good bike shops have good used rims for sale at quite reasonable prices. Check with your shop.
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    You got to be kidding..replace that wheel before you ride it again..Or don't..I hope you remember your Ambulance/meat wagon ride..I do not remember mine last December..to bad , they were always fun in the past, pretty good ,fast driving through trafic.
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  5. anthony1973

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    Well guys,I did not know It was cracked till" I got home and some gut feeling told me to look It over.I found a cheap rim for the time being with 12 gauge spokes for 40 bucks Including bearings and adding my 7 speed cassette.Once I get a few paychecks up I think I am gonna order a set of heavy duty rims off pirate cycles or maybe decide to get a whole bike and do another build.Bike not being rode till I pick up my rim tomorrow and being I question the quality of this new rim I bought.I will ride her slow and easy till I can upgrade.I must have a guardian angel being night I rode home I pegged her out at 35 mph for a 4 mile trip.And there are a few minor bumps and bad spots In these country roads.
  6. anthony1973

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    Forgive and Forget.Hardest lesson I ever learned.Got a new cheapie rim until I can afford better.Least It'll be safe.