Riding on Pinellas trail

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Turtle Tedd, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Has anyone rode his MB onthe Pinellas Trail ..Florida Tampa Bay....rode mine today real slow for about 10 miles...met a few bicycle riders and they waved but I dont think MBS are legaly suposed to be there...asked around at a few bike shops they said a few people comute on the trail with MBS ..and if they keep a low profile its cool........anyone in Tampa Bay hay any info on this ....what is the fine ...are there bicycle cops on that trail.....

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    Tedd, Post some pics for the boys, thats a nice trail and one of my best friends moved down there years ago.

    If you get nailed by pedal petrol, you'd better not be worried about the fine.

    You'll get laughed off of the site as the worst mechanic/ridder of the year!!!

    Don't think it's happened to anybody yet??? LOL
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    Just got my first digital camera..nice one,good underwater,and for long movies....will figure out how to post pics on this forum. pinn trail is pretty nice...all smooth concrete.. Idont think the peddal patrol can do 30mph if it came to that but the trail crosses many public roads where a 4 wheel unit can block you off..if some spandex rider calls on his cell...like I said when I come up on someone I slow down to stall speed...but you can go miles and not see anybody and twist it up a little...no heavy metal coming out of side streets to flatten you out.
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    We've got a nice trail here in Buffalo, believe it or not! (in the rustbelt)

    To post pics the easy way: Get them on your hardrive (shrink and develope if you have to), Type your message accompaning them in Quick Reply box, then click on go advanced. Scroll down and click mannage attachments. Biggest Jpeg you can post is 1024X768. After that its pretty much self explanitory.