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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Large Filipino, Aug 22, 2007.

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What's your driving style?

  1. No idle. Start engine by clutch at every go.No kill switch.

    7 vote(s)
  2. Idle. Pedal away then release clutch when enough speed.

    29 vote(s)
  3. Idle. Let go of clutch when the light turns green.

    3 vote(s)
  4. Some other really cool way.

    10 vote(s)
  1. I think that it's easier on the clutch when I use it to start my engine while rolling as opposed to having my engine idling and easing off while moving for more than a few times I was caught driving too slow and I bogged.
    To prevent me from bogging again I intentionally set my idle to die when my throttle is down all the way when I stop then pedal when the light turns green and start my engine while moving.
    I think too that it's real cool doing it this way cause like people be staring at you,yo,cause your going from a motorbike to a bicycle and on a whim back to a motorbike.
    Also,and I think some of you are gonna call foul on me,I have never installed that kill switch. In fact,I don't think a kill switch would ever be needed.
    So what's the verdict when it comes to clutch life? Starting your engine at every go or leaving the engine idle and easing off the clutch when your moving?

  2. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    I also have no kill switch, I kill mine by choking it. This lets me know if I have developed a lean causing leak.

    I have my idle set at a nice slow idle, almost lopes. I think the most stressfull time for the spoke mounted rear sprocket is at start up. I have busted several wheels, but have not had to replace a clutch yet. knock on wood!!!
  3. I didn't think about that sprocket. Maybe I should get a speedometer so I know when I hit let's say 5 mph it's ok to ease off the clutch,then keep it idling.
    So what's the other really cool way that got 2 votes?
  4. salfter

    salfter New Member

    Here's one of the "other" votes:

    Idle at the stop, pedal away from the stop to a slow speed, then twist the throttle and let the centrifugal clutch engage.

    (One thing I noticed with handling that I wasn't counting on was that engine braking works pretty well until you're going slow enough for the clutch to disengage. On the one hand, that means you can't just coast down steep hills at insane speeds (unless maybe you stop at the top first, and then you need to guard against the clutch engaging and overrevving the engine). On the other hand, brakes won't wear out as fast...maybe not even as fast as they would without an engine.)
  5. engine braking is very bad for these engines FYI too much stress on the con rod.

    I try to keep idling at stops, but I agree you get more 'looks' when you go from motored to non-motored and back again at will.

    Usually as I'm leaving the supermarket, as I have just spoken with someone about the bike - I say, "listen to the engine as it starts up" - then I pedal, pop the clutch and speed away
  6. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    Also,and I think some of you are gonna call foul on me,I have never installed that kill switch. In fact,I don't think a kill switch would ever be needed.
    So what's the verdict when it comes to clutch life? Starting your engine at every go or leaving the engine idle and easing off the clutch when your moving?[/QUOTE]
    well not foul but hey you need that kill switch me i dont like the cop to think aboute it and then fill like pulling me over do to sound or so forth

    and to all that ride it ilegal
  7. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    kill switch is a safety device ,,what would happen if you took a spin on the gravel and bike lands on top of you ,motor going with back wheel turning ,also with motor still running ,,, carb. or gas tank leak on side ,,, with motor going still a chance for spark ,, ,, also you ever run into someone etc .the first thing you do is kill the motor

    should have 2 kill switches just encase ..there only a couple dollars ,,,, the question is ,for what reason would you not have one
    ???? i can"t think of any reason

  8. davidsis

    davidsis Guest

    Ya, why not have a kill switch? I have rode mine with it idleing too high and the clutch cable broke. I was in for a ride. jamed on the brakes nothing happen, but it took a couple of seconds to figure out what was going on.
  9. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Speaking of riding style, this may be a bit off topic, (and a bit of a rant), but:
    I read a lot here about how and where to ride to be safe from cars.
    My attitude? Let the cars look out for themselves. I'm too busy riding and having fun to pay all that much attention to them. I do pay attention to pedestrians since I could injure one, but the chances of my hurting a cager are slim.
    I can hear you saying "Yeah, but there are more dogsleds than cars where you live!". This may be true now, but it hasn't always been so. I spent about 40 years riding on the streets of Portland OR. I have had some bad experiences. My x-rays cause Dr./Nurse traffic jams in front of those display panels they use. But I'll be da**ed if I'll change my ways. I agree with the person who said, "The purpose of life is not to live quietly and carefully, and arrive at the grave in a well preserved body. But rather to slide in sideways, totally worn out, screaming, "Holy ****, what a ride!!!"". Just MHO.:lol:
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  10. I used to idle at stops and pop the clutch to get going and it has cost me my clutch. I am awaiting new pads and in the future I will pedal start each and every time.

    I don't have a kill switch on my bike, it started shocking me when I used it and then one day it fell off. I plan to get a new one someday but something stronger than the stock one that comes with the kit.
  11. minibiker

    minibiker Guest

    i always let the clutch out to take off havent had to replace anything for a year
  12. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Are you the same Minibiker I read over in the 12-step thread?
  13. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    some seem to be contradictory, doesn't it ? :confused::confused::confused:
  14. minibiker

    minibiker Guest

    yes i am... maybe... wait... I DONT KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE!!!
  15. minibiker

    minibiker Guest

    i meant that replacing anithing as in clutch pads :)
  16. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    I used to just idle, push off and go. I hate waiting for parts and repairs and I've read about replacing the pads, so now I pedal to a nice speed. I'm gonna try and baby this baby.
    Part of learning is learning from other's mistakes as well as my own.
  17. minibiker

    minibiker Guest

    im lucky though theres a guy who sells complete bikes about 10 miles from me that has most parts in stock
  18. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    that's cool...not only no wait for shipping, but you get to pick Duane's brain in person
    I'm kinda jealous :lol:
  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:Having a rack mount, 2.2hp, centrifugal clutch, 20" tires and gearing equivalent to a 56-tooth rear sprocket, i push off ala moped-style and hit the gas.

    sometimes, when i hit full throttle at 15mph, the bike feels like it wants to leap out from under me.:shock:

    my style is 8700rpm on the flats. need to gear down to 7800rpm.

  20. minibiker

    minibiker Guest

    its not duane i dont know him his name is steve bopp