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    I just started to ride my bike to work here in San Francisco, riding from the west side to downtown via Twin Peaks, a mile and a half of nasty uphill action and the motor helps a lot! My HT (67 cc) gets me going but I do have to pedal a bit on the steeper grades due to the weight of my Felt '68 Hot Wheels cruiser and my 235lbs. fat rear end. But, it is quite manageable though I took a 3" machine screw through the rear wheel at the peak so I had to walk it home because I was just too bushed to fix the flat at the time. I hope today goes much better!:cool:

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun.

    See you around.
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    Didja say "aw, screw it" to the flat? :roll: Sorry, couldn't resist. Welcome!
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    The pain of pavement

    I rode home from my graveyard shift early this morning when a city bus veered into the bike lane right in front of me sending me to the ground with a nice big crash! Ouch. Fortunately I have years of road racing miles under my belt (20 years ago though) and put another road rash scar on top of another scar from years gone by. I nearly forgot about the whole crash aspect to cycling but in an urban environment during peak commute hours, is a fact of life. I urge all riders to practice caution when riding in heavy traffic and wear your helmet!:helmet:
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    welcome and wishing you many safe happy MB miles there as you

    ride that motor bike thing
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    YouTube video shot but not posted

    Yesterday, I spent the day filming video of me and the monster, riding around a local parking lot. The video is in the editing process so it may take a bit to post because I'm still learning this process.:cyclist: