Ridley Motor Bike Happy Time Lol

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stealthc9, Jan 14, 2010.

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    I have to meet their marketing director. :devilish: It does have a nice chain tensioner though.
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    that tensioner and those motor mounts are really niceeeee
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    I could buy a real vintage motorcycle for that much.
    Why does he have it listed as an "old school twin?"
    is that the name of the frame?
    It's misleading because it makes you think that it has a twin cyclinder engine on it.
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    Sweet bike :eek:

    Crazy price :ack2:

    If they want to charge so much I think they should take it all the way - I mean, the engine mounts & chain tensioner are nice and look like quality parts, but then they seem to be using a run-of-the-mill HappyTime engine (with a ridley sticker on the side of it...) and the lousy rag-joint sprocket mount that comes with the kit....

    IMHO they should have (at least) a rocksolid engine with as much billet parts & upgrades as possible on there running over a NuVinci or something :devilish:

    ****, for that price it should come with a Morini! Then again the HT does look great on there...
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    that ridley stuff is expensive... I believe those bikes go for $2500 + destination and assembly.

    Those mounts are $180 and the tensioner is $175.
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    Why do they say it is an "old school twin"???

    What are they counting, the wheels? :thinking:
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    I would call it false advertising

    I would call it false advertising

    that's really stretching it there for that company

    hope that they end up getting bblack-balled

    ride that thing
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    ....Or maybe they have built another one just like it?...... :jester:
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    Ridley buys the frames from "FELT" and that frame is already called the twin even if you buy a felt. amazing how much they are charging for a $500 bike and $150 HT , almost as bad as Derringer.
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    a so so motor on a pretty nice bicycle adds up to ??

    a so so motor on a pretty nice bicycle adds up to ?? possible points out of 20

    bicycle rates a -------------- 8 on the scale of 10
    motor rates a --------------- 5 on the scale of 10

    out of a possible 20 points -------------------------- only 13 received

    I think that about rates that THING
  13. Well, I'm not making a case for those prices and I'm wondering about all the tinkering that seems to need to be done before these things are "turn key" but, if they're making a living doing it, I guess there's a market for it.

    Now, putting things into perspective, think about your refrigerator repair man. How much does he charge you for labor to install that .50 o-ring or that $5 defroster strip? If everyone knew how to repair their refrigerator, he'd go out of business and if everyone knew how (or wanted to) build one of these bikes, Ridley would be selling high end cooking cutlery or something like that.

    They do have some nice looking stuff on their website. Oddly enough though, I'm not sure they show a COMPLETED bike on the website. I could be wrong but it struck me odd that they don't show a bike with the throttle and clutch, fuel hose hooked up.
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    What you guys dont seem to be catching onto is the fact that bike already has the in frame gas tank mod done to it. Due to the $2500+ price tag and expertise at Ridley motorcycles I am going to guess they didn't use jb weld. The cost probably covers the labor in cutting/welding/painting the bike.

    These bikes arent marketed to people like us... they are marketed to doctors and lawyers with expensive harley v-twins that want a conversation piece they can bring out to show friends.

    If I had an extra $2500 I didnt care about, and didnt like to get dirty building things... I would buy one.

    And for the record that bike is called the "twin" from felt... it is the name of the bike not the engine configuration.
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    that integrated gas tank is something i wanna try and recreate for my next build.
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    Present company excepted, I hope.

    Anyhoo- well done bikes and if they get the price, more power to them.

    ...I'd hate to see what I would have to charge for my bike if I had to make enough money to eat and keep the lights and heat on selling them.

    However, with economies of scale, I would have an easier time understanding something a few hundred south of $2,000


    ...and how long until a customer's fender heads through the spokes?
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  17. That's the thing Hough, check out how many diclaimers are on websites in this business. Now, consider the liability if YOU built it. How do you cover that? Well, I know I'm preaching to the choir but, it does deserve consideration. On the flip side, I (not being in this arena for very long) have heard that Felt's reputation is quite good, so far as the bike is concerned but, the motorized side of it changes everything!