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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by hotrodlincoln, Nov 18, 2008.

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    I just checked Ridley motors website and they have some new pics up of their 1903 felt bike, looks like they are being made by felt with the fuel tank setup already. The standard felt bikes have a weld seam down the middle of the tank, the Ridley bikes don't have the seam. They also have a cool chain tensioner and some close ups of the motor mounts.
    Check it out http://www.ridleymotorcycle.com/motorbike/

  2. Mountainman

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    that's a nice looking bike !!!

    thanks for posting that MB THING

    yes - very nice looking --- would like to ride that THING
  3. sjackson

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    now THAT's a chain tensioner. That gives me some idears.
  4. There is definately some pretty parts on those bikes. The Felt is such a nice platform!
  5. wavygravy

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    butifull bikes! another vendor offering under 50cc engines ect! this is cool!
  6. Great looking bikes. But $559. for a HT engine, muffler, and chain, bet he doesnt sell many of those lol......
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    I guess they must be selling, the have 26 dealerships in the US. I thought the same about Derringer cycles with their high prices, then I saw a news segment on them and they said that they had over a year long waiting list, go figure!
  8. I will visit the dealer in Seattle tomorrow it is < 1 mile from my work. I actually have a hard time imagining that a korean scooter m/c dealership is selling these but we shall see! All their website pics are photoshopped don't even have drive chain/sprocket mounted. The gallery photos are real though.
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    Wow, I love those motor mounts!

  10. Interbay Scooters in Seattle does not and will not be selling these bikes; they sell Ridley motorcycles. I have a feeling that is true for many of the dealerships they list. Because they are not "Motor Vehicles" Dealers must pay up front to stock them. They are supposedly only offering them up to dealers for the x-mas season. I find that hard to believe though!
  11. Happy Valley

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    Please tell me those are not stock HTs for $550.
  12. SimpleSimon

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    Sure look like stock HT's with decals.

    Have you looked at the Derringer bikes? At more than twice the price? Those things are like buying a stock VW Bug for Porsche prices.
  13. I wouldn't exactly agree SS. Those are LA prices; LA is expensive. Also those bikes have the nicest paint job going, there are some nice component upgrades on those bikes as well (70mm drum, Brooks saddle)!
    On the down side I think that the fit is not particullarly excellent; for his price I would expect to see custom tensioner (if any), custom engine mounts and some more component upgrades i.e. neck, cranks, sealed bearing headset, etc
    You and I could build/sell those for 1/2 what he is, but we don't lease a butique in LA. I wouldn't likely buy one (mb) already made, let alone pay his prices. In my view, though, Derringers has done other builders/retailers a huge favor! After all (like I said) I can build/sell simillar for 1/2 that, even less w/o overhead!
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    $559 for the engine kit- seems expensive, to be sure, but it is more than stickers. That price does include the nicest engine mounts I have ever seen. Hopefully it includes the custom tensioner and higher quality hand controls that are on their bikes (but it does not say so). Is there a warranty? Doesn't say. Looks like they replaced the bolts and screws with higher quality stuff. Also, that drive cover isn't stickers- look close- it's cast...how much is that worth? Depends on the customer.
  15. SimpleSimon

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    All valid points. Which is why, if I were in the market for a ready built bike, I'd find a guy with experience and satisfied customers to refer to, and buy from him. At 1/2 Derringers price (or less).

    When I was a kid I wanted a performance car, and I could afford any one I wanted (from my own earnings). I bought a 1967 model year Chevy Impala SS, after shopping around, at the beginning of the 1969 model year from a dealer desperate to get it off his lot. For cash. I'd use a similar approach to buying a motorized bike, except nobody builds what I want (for a price I can now afford).

    I sometimes think I'd have been better off staying in the lawn/garden landscaping business instead of selling out and going off to college all those years ago.
  16. hotrodlincoln

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    I was told in an email from Ridley that the mounts would be available for purchase sometime soon and to check back on the site in the parts section. If they don't make them available soon I think I'll make my own version.
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    Ridley is now making a motorized Felt el guapo model with the thick brick tires Does anyone know who makes that rear sprocket with two sets of holes drilled?
    here's the pics

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  18. That's just a chengine sprocket w/ extra holes; I'm sure Ridley does that. They are a m/c manufacturer.
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    u guys goota remember those are pictures, notice how there is no cables ran or anything. i am glad an american moto co. is sellin them cause iy will help with the laws around the moped issue,BUT these guys are trying to rob people blind! the Only thing the ridleys got going for them is a better motor mount and a better tensioner, kool gas tank. ALL NOT WORTH the insane asking price of these machines. i built mine for under 600 $ and it looks much nicer in my opinion and has every bell and whistle!! including new suicide shifter. it alllows for much more usable pull on the clutch, stronger parts, and a real nice long barrel adjuster. i am glad to see it but ppl should build there own lol. 100_2160.jpg
  20. augidog

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    in my humble but experienced opinion...

    they're not helping anyone but themselves. even with some groovy upgrades (which many here have done at home) it's still way overpriced...this can't help the true MB-market, which has been struggling to bring some integrity to the table.

    notice the legal disclaimer on every listing...they wanna sell you a novelty that's "maybe" legal, and then wash their hands of the deal.
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