Right side or duel side drive motor

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  1. Ra1977

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    Would like to know if anyone makes a right side drive or duel side drive small engine to fit in a bicycle. Anyone with casting skills out there. Or aluminum duel side drive. I want to run my motor to crank on my bike without having to purchase a shift t kit.

  2. HeadSmess

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    whole engine huh?

    gimme 2k up front and another 2k upon completion :)

    suddenly a shift kit looks cheap.
  3. Ra1977

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    You don't know how to cast some aluminum cans into a block. $5.00 in materials. I was inquiring. Want to know why none of you lames ain't on it with your almighty intelligence. I don't need smart ignant responses. Maybe someone will actually make them for the bike world or whatever application it could be used for. If I had the tools and materials I would be crankin them out for less than the China motors. Shift kits are lame.
  4. butre

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    $5 in materials and hundreds of hours designing a whole damn engine. work isn't free you ****
  5. 2old2learn

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    Staton Inc makes a pedal axle kit that allows you to power your pedal axle and then use whatever gearing your bike already has. I'm sure other kits are available from other companies too.
  6. Ra1977

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    Yes thank you. I know this. I was inquiring an maybe just maybe someone would actually make a motor that's quality made for a bike.my point is those motor kits weren't originally designed for bicycles, and they are not quality,and you have to pay 200 for shift kit. Motor kit costs 130. Where is the logic there.
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  8. Ra1977

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    Hater to but rub
  9. 2old2learn

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    I know it can be frustrating trying to find what you want and need to achieve the ride you want. We all face these same problems and compromises. To build a quality reliable MAB it will end up costing far more than you would expect. Fortunately it can be done incrementally.

    We need to keep in mind that we all pass bicycles daily that cost over $5,000 so to expect that we can purchase reliable, dependable MAB's with the ability to go 40mph on the flats and climb steep hills with ease with little maintenance for less than $300, might be unrealistic. I'm sure I already have a grand or more in my MAB and it's still not finished yet. But it's easy to spend that on a laptop, on a camera, on golf clubs, a big screen TV system and on and on. It's a bit like buying a gun. You can buy a cheap gun for a couple hundred dollars or you can buy a gun that you can bet your life on for a couple thousand dollars. What's your life worth? Im fond of my Kimber.
  10. KCvale

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    What makes you think us Lameo's haven't made a right side drive?

    As far as quality goes $50 makes a big difference.
    Try a ~$170 real Skyhawk GT5 sometime.

    But not designed for a bicycle?

    These 2-stroke engines are designed SPECIFICALLY for bicycles so you can drop it in the bike frame and power your bike from the left side and not have to mess with the bottom bracket pedal assembly.

    Right side clockwise rotation engines are not the issue or main cost Ra.
    I build electric bikes with right side output motors all the time.

    It is the engineering to get 2 vastly different rotational power systems, your legs attached to cranks and an engine, to share a common output without interfering with each other.

    There are numerous designs for how to do this dating back to Leonardo Da Vinci.
    When it comes to engines and pedals it is all about Freewheel bearings.

    Your socket wrench has a freewheel ratchet in it that works the same way, it just doesn't have bearings to support a spinning shaft too.

    Picture your socket wrench as a pedal arm but the socket on it has 2 sprockets, one goes to the back wheel, one to the engine.

    Just like when you spin a socket by hand when it's easy the wrench arm does not move, it just ticks freely.

    Turn the wrench and the socket turns which means the engine sprocket now turns.
    Another freewheel ratchet is needed on the engine output, most use a freewheel ratcheting sprocket.

    I hope that helps you understand how the interface works as that is the 'magic' part, not getting a spinning direct output shaft right over the pedal sprockets, I do that now.



    The real trick is what to use for each ratchet bearing.
  11. HeadSmess

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    approx 25 hours at 75 an hour to make requisite molds. yes, you can do it at home as a hobby for free... after spending several hundred dollars on appropriate woodworking tools etc. and who designed the molds, btw?

    so, we have molds, core boxes, weve spent time mulling up our sand and clay, were all rammed up and our furnace that we just spent $1000 to make (so it will melt steel - reliably :)) is full with a pot of molten alloy and we have our sand pit and our protective stuffs and here we go...casting...it sounds really easy, and really...it is :) in fact, it costs about nothing in sump-oil and about nothing in solar power to drive the fan, and the alloy i can get from old car heads etc...

    but it takes a few dollars to do it PROPERLY. my first furnace i made with clay pearlite and sand...it didnt last, even with just alloy. now i use a 2400 degree refractory cement. expensive.

    this is before we start thinking about sourcing certain parts like cylinders etc from other engines that really makes life easier.

    so now we have this rough cast case and the internals of a stihl 039 or something.... so now we need a lathe and a milling machine and a lot of tooling, a lot of hours, plus all these other things we will need like an oxy torch or induction heater to harden stuff, a grinder for getting proper precision fits, all those incidental things people dont think about, that are easy to do when theres ten thousand being made but are priceless when done as one offs, just to get everything together and (possibly) running on a bench...

    most model machinists advocate starting with very simple, cox type engines made from a piece of bar until one gets the hang of whats what... why do you think these guys that make scale model harleys ARE NOT selling them? conley precision is about the only commercial company making scale engines and they cost MORE than the actual v-8 they are modelled after...

    errr...go figure... :rofl:

    he spent a LOT of money and a LOT of time taking what was once a small hobby to a large production facility and yet still has to charge a ridiculous amount... supply and demand i guess.

    ever lapped a cylinder with toothpaste/bicarb/kerosene?:wacko:

    chrome plating? surface hardening, cylindrical grinding, setup a lathe and paid for all the tools?

    ever spent sixteen hours shaping a piece of alloy in various ways, only just to wreck it on the final operation? cool if its production and there are jigs so we can do it all again and we can blame someone else...

    yes, everyone is clamoring for this beautiful whizzer type fourstroke engine thats built more like a HT engine so it will fit nearly anything, is smaller, quieter and may even come with an integral two speed box but so far... no millionaire sees it as worthwhile to invest in such a thing...

    oh yeah. gotta buy bolts and stuff. all these high tensile studs. may sound like nothing but its just another thing on a long list...

    selecting proper bearings? quick read up on bearing applications and you soon realize you cant just use anything anywhere and expect it to last...

    cmon, i wanna see your design, if its so easy...i been at it for years with no tangible results :) but then, i am lazy...
  12. 2old2learn

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    Given Americas independent State laws, it would be hard foe a manufacturer to be willing to spend the capital to do what we would wish for without some national guidelines so that they can build something that could have broad marketing and multi state law acceptance. Europes just as bad. China or India is likely your best markets to try and serve due to their labor forces and populations.