Rigida Ryde rims.

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    Well I finally got a hold of one of these so I thought I would give you my impressions. First of all it takes extra long Schrader valve stems. Regular tubes are not long enough to even screw on an extension. This is a deal killer for me and I donated it to the BICI coop in Birmingham Al if some one wants it. Second of all the rim is anodized. I have photos of around 10 cracked rimes on flickr under the name zerodish. The mars rover has suffered damage to it's wheels because of this. NASA generally does not make these kind of idiot mistakes so I don't expect the general public to know it either. I generally pick out rims that can take my weight of 200 pounds unbuilt in a wheel. The Araya VP20 and the Weinman 519 can do this. I have never had a failure of these rims. I recommend this as a standard where each brand of rim is tested to what weight it can withstand without deformation. I think some one should copy the old Sun Rhyno which survived a cross country trip on a touring loaded quad as the standard heavy duty rim. There should cost around $30 new.

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    I built my own wheels, motorcycle drum in front and moped drum hub in rear, both laced to 24" bicycle rims with 11g spokes. Strong spokes can make up somewhat for a lack of rim strength/rigidity, especially on a smaller rim because shorter spokes make stronger wheels. I chose the hubs because the front hub was given to me for free and the rear hub I was able to secure brand new through a trade with a very good buddy. I knew the hubs and spokes would be strong, so I chose steel rims because they were less expensive and easier to find.
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    Bike Bug LLC worked very hard at developing a Rear Wheel Rim and Spokes - That will not twist or break under the additional, constant torque developed by a bicycle engine. We went to the motorcycle industry and first thing we noticed was the rim had an internal upset section in the center. We were told this upset or bend in the steel meant those forces embedded in the steel would have to be overcame before the wheel would twist. The second were the spokes were heavy gauge steel and short - so we used as heavy a gauge spoke at an economical price and prototype several rim designs. We tested the designs on friction drive, chain drive and belt drive bicycle engine systems - thus started production of what we think is the safest motorized bicycle wheel on the market. The Engineering Principle of Steel that is bent must be overcome before it can bend differently - stops this rim from twisting. The heavier steel spokes prevents them from breaking. The indented spoke nuts into the rim upset also help protect the tube from puncture. Solid Steel Rim with 12 Gauge Spokes - Upset Reinforced Rim with spoke heads recessed includes rear brake arm and mounting bracket. 26" X 2.125" 12 Gauge 36H 1.4T that matches 26" 2,125" tire Spoke: 12 Gauge 257mm with steel nipple Rear Coaster Hub 3/8" 12 Gauge 36 H 110 W 140mm Free wheel 18T with flange nut.