Rim questions, again...

That's what I found with my new wheels. Hope springs eternal, nope. Should have known better, now I have spare parts I'll never use.
Well would mag rims work then? Or could I attach the cogs from the 7 speed to it? I would much rather have a single speed than all those gears cause just don't need em.
Or maybe I could put this one on and it would have room to line up? With either the mag rims or spoke. Really digging the 3 spoke mags from bikeberry though. Id only be riding on streets and pretty smooth


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It all depends on how the chain alignment comes down. The 3 spoke mags are probably a good choice for you. They aren't nearly as wide as the spoke wheel hubs. I would order the 3 speed freewheel and setup the bike as a 3spd with the derailer (just for the pedals, not a shift kit).