Riot instigated in Washington State

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    Yup, I did it- I wrote my Congress Critter about the laws in this State, pointing out that a 48cc bike cuts less polution than a $1300 junk pile that the majority of the state can barely afford, that reliable AFFORDABLE transportation means more people working and paying taxes, plus being a MAJOR step away from oil dependance. I also pointed out that the bicycle infrastructure ALREADY in place thruout most of the state sees little use, thus no expendature on the State level is required, only standardization of existing law- if we have to Title and licence, STREAMLINE the process. If not, MAKE SURE LAW ENFORCEMENT KNOWS. That is all I ask.
    Remember- WE ALL VOTE!!!
    The Old Sgt.

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    The thread title is way misleading. There are plenty of us that have been riding for quite awhile in Washington. North, south, east and west. None of us have had any run-ins with law enforcement of any type. We just keep a low profile and obey ALL the laws. Don't stir the pot.
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    I so wish you guy's complaining would come to NY for a ride!
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