RIP Largest Grizzly Bear on the Planet

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    My sister in-law lives in Alaska and she came down here to Phoenix for a few weeks over the holidays; we talked about going up to visit here next summer to escape the heat and when she got home she sent us this story.

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    This is a picture of a man who works for the US Forest Service in Alaska, and his trophy bear.


    He was deer hunting when that large grizzly charged him from about 50 yards away.

    The guy emptied his 7mm Magnum semi-automatic rifle into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him.
    The big bear was was still alive so the hunter reloaded and shot it several more times in the head.

    The bear was just over 1,600 pounds (726 Kg).
    It stood 12' 6" (3.8 M) high at the shoulder, 14' (4.26 M) to the top of his head.

    It is the largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world.

    The Alaska Fish and Wildlife Commission did not let him keep it as a trophy, of course; but the bear will be stuffed and mounted, and placed on display at the Anchorage airport to remind tourists of the risks involved in the wild.

    Analyzing contents of the bears stomach, the Fish and Wildlife Commission established the bear had killed at least two humans in the past 72 hours, including a hiker missing two days prior to the bear's own death.

    Backtracking from where the bear had originated, the US Forest Service found the missing hiker's emptied 38-caliber pistol.
    Not far from the pistol was the remains of the hiker.
    The other body has not been found.

    Although the hiker fired six shots and managed to hit the grizzly with four (that the Service ultimately retrieved, along with twelve 7mm slugs, inside the bear's body), the 38's only wounded the bear and probably just really ****ed it off.

    Think about this:

    If you are an average size standing man, you would be level with the bear's navel when he stood upright.
    The bear would look you in the eye when it walked on all fours!

    To give additional perspective, this bear, standing on its hind legs, could walk up to an average single story house and look over the roof; or stand beside a two story house and look in the upper
    bedroom windows.

    Can you picture that monster going to McDonalds?

    He wouldn't do the drive through, he could just walk up, pull the roof over dining area off, and eat all the fat people; heck we are talking about a beast that sits by an Alaskan river during salmon spawn and eats huge fish like we eat potato chips like Lay's because 'nobody can eat just one' hehehe ;-}

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    I call foul on this thread! You're gonna give us all nightmares, KCVale! :)

    I've got to admit, though, that that's one impressive bear.

    One reason, I suppose, that nightmares came to mind for me is that somewhere in the fairly recent past I did have a dream of being stalked by a brown bear.

    I yelled at it the way I'd yell at a dog that was acting aggressive. But I also remember thinking, 'this isn't gonna work.....'