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    2 cars hit mo-ped; kill 76-year-old man

    GAUTIER, Miss., -- Gautier police say they are investigating who was at fault when two cars hit a motorized bicycle, killing its 76-year-old rider.

    Gautier Police Officer Matt Hoggatt said Thursday that two eastbound vehicles - a car and an SUV - hit the mo-ped ridden by Herbert Tscheuline.

    Jackson County Coroner Vicki Braudus says Tscheuline died in surgery about five hours after the accident Wednesday evening. He would have been 77 years old on June 19.


    anyone know this man? was he a forum poster? RIP!

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    I don't know if he was known around here or not. I think he was riding an actual moped, though. This story showed up yesterday in a bicycle forum that I lurk and that's what they said. But this story did say "motorized bicycle", so who knows?

    In any case, there are killers who just don't care all over our roads. I just don't know why people operate autos without recognizing their responsibility to not hit ANYTHING that is on the road.

    To the family of Herbert Tscheuline, my apologies on behalf of this selfish race we belong to.
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    I have alot of feelings about mopeds I almost hit a 14 yo kid on one with my harley lucky for him I heard his motor over my pipes I couldn't see him coming but I will never forget that look on his face when he came out from behind the parked cars I was right in his face shaking my head I almost got ya. People don't see me on my Harley these things are half the size. I do belief loud pipes save lives. They go twice the speed of a bicycle so drivers come up on you with less reaction time and they have no power to get out of the way in a EMG. I would hope everyone will use good lights and mirrors to ride as safe as ya can. I put these cool light kits on both bikes I just built they were $20 bucks LED turn frt and rear tail lt. and brake lt. horn comes with a switch to clamp to your frt brake and I put dual bulb head lt. and wire the rear fender lt. I would honestly give the keys to my harley to my son before I would let him ride a moped! he would live alot longer! no joke these things are dangerous to ride! I have buried alot of friends over the years but kids should out live the parents. I know this guy was old and my prayers go out to his family and friends GOD BLESS
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    After what happened to me up here in Buffalo yesterday, I'm about to put my U.S. Coastguard (approved for 40 ft vessel) air horn on my bike.

    These people plain don't look. 3 times within under 10 miles I was nearly hit!

    None my fault at all! My Grandpops ran 1976 PUCH until he was 85 or so.

    RIP - Sorry you made it all this way to be murdered by cagers...

    Has anybody checked our members list?
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