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Motor scooters a menace on roads: survey
Wednesday Jul 18 07:25 AEST

As motorcycle and scooter sales soar, a third of drivers say scooters are the "new menace" on Australia's city roads.

Scooter sales for the six months to April were 20 per cent higher than the same period last year, while motorcycle sales enjoyed an even bigger jump - of 36 per cent - in the same period, insurance company AAMI says.

But it says motor scooters, usually with automatic transmission and simpler to ride, are still seen as a worse hazard than their more powerful two-wheeled counterparts on major city roads.

This is despite 81 percent of car drivers saying they've seen motorcyclists break the law and take unnecessary risks.

"Motorcycle and scooter sales have soared over the past 12 months, possibly because of rising fuel costs, road traffic and congestion and people's frustration with crowded and unreliable public transport," AAMI spokesman Geoff Hughes said.

"However, according to the latest AAMI research, many drivers are annoyed with the increased presence of motor scooters on major city roads, with one-third of drivers calling them the 'new menace'."

The research also showed 81 per cent of car drivers in the survey said they had seen motorcyclists breaking the law and taking unnecessary risks on the roads.

"This isn't to say that car drivers are any safer or less erratic than motorcyclists, but it does suggest they need to be more vigilant and not take dangerous risks like splitting lanes or ducking and weaving in and out of traffic," Ms O'Connor said.

"The unfortunate and often tragic reality is that the motorcycle or scooter rider will come off second best in an accident involving a car, regardless of who is at fault."

Mr O'Connor said a 2004 RTA study had shown in the event of a crash, motorcycle riders were 20 times more likely to be killed than drivers.

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You need to be careful out there boys.... why, just yesterday I saw a cage driver with ice on the windscreen screech down the side of a parked car... ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!! :eek:
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the main hazard here, as i'm sure is the real truth there, is cagers who think they have some kind of exclusive priviledge to use the roads :censored:

can't wait to see them when noone can afford to operate anything but 2 wheels... :p


i take back roads carefully and cruise around 25mph. those people who die are breakin the speed limit and being idiots...