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Feb 12, 2008
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With gas prices going steadily up I've been leaning harder toward getting an engine, but engine prices are also going up rapidly. Just a couple of months ago a Dax 2 stroke kit was only $179, now it's $229. What gives?:confused::( I'd think that with more engines being imported the price would go down or at least stay constant.
I see no evidence of more engines being imported. Seems the opposite. Also, how do you suppose the engines get over here, sailboats? ;)
What gives? I'd think that with more engines being imported the price would go down or at least stay constant.

The Cost to deliver rises with fuel prices, but then it will cancel itself out.
The Cost to deliver will be to high, then the products can stay and rot in the shipping containers they arrive in cos the trucks won't be able to afford the fuel to pick up and deliver, or we won't see the Value in the product if delivery outstrips production costs !
That's one scenario.

2nd scenario, greed

3rd scenario, demand and supply, but goes back to the manufactures speculation to out-bid the crude oil price, so they can keep making products @ cheap labour, BUT only to find their products will be undeliverable abroad cos they made it too costly for the truck operators to buy the over priced fuel, so they stuck with thier product. So it's back to scenario 1.
Basicaly, a "seizure"....

For example, if I was Manufacturer Ajax in the North Pole, and I needed fuel at all costs to keep my ice cube factory working, and you are Manufacturer Bjax in the South Pole making ice cubes to, we would compete at getting our supply of oil by paying more.
So if I win the bid and the price of crude is what it is, I get to make the ice cubes.
But, because everyone else in the Equator region of the world pay the same price as I did for fuel, and it's so high that it forces the truck operators to reconsider weather it is now feasable to operate a delivery truck, then my Ajax ice cube factory is stuck with the melting ice cubes !

Bjax will sit it out, wait till the price is cheaper in oil, but by then Cjax makes a move and out bids again..., and on it goes till the cows come home.
Yes, it seems everything is rising -- EXCEPT THE STOCK MARKET -- I have not even wanted to look at it lately -- just took a look -- now I know why I didn't want to look !!! Don't forsee ANYTHING COMING DOWN IN PRICE in the near future -- if ever... Time to buy -- may be now... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
The price of oil is killing out economy. As it drives the cost of consumer goods and services ever higher, it lowers disposable income. The good news is, after the market crash and the inevitable job losses, you will no longer be bothered by oil prices. Food and shelter will dominate your every waking moment as you will be in full survival mode.

Have a nice day.
It's not the price of oil thats killing the economy and making prices rise on everything. It's the rapid devaluation of our currency by our (privately owned) central bank and americas poor policies on EVERYTHING that is killing this country. Good riddance, lets start fresh like the founding fathers did.
Low dollar is causing imports to increase but our food is from the good old American farmer. Fuel cost through the entire supply chain plus this insane fetish about ethanol in our gas is driving much cost increase. The price of gas has risen much faster than the drop in the dollar. Supply & demand is responsible for oil prices and here we sit on 88,000,000,000 barrels and a blind Congress.
I know, I know, it's all GW's fault but it won't get any better until our elected leaders put country before party and I just don't see it happening.
Food and shelter will dominate your every waking moment as you will be in full survival mode.

Shelter is no problem for you can always use your Chevy Suburban with that cobweb infested For Sale sign on the windshield.