Rm 85 or Cr 85 mini dirt bike exhausts

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by TheWizard, May 21, 2015.

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    I was just wondering if anyone is currently using one of these RM 85 or CR 85 style exhausts on their bike. I used to use a SBP expansion chamber and I felt a noticeable difference in performance, but did not like the way I had to mount it on my bike. The baffle seemed cheaply made because my dad had to re-rivet it twice and the whole set up just created more vibration on my bike. Maybe it was the mounting method, I don't know. At the end, I was just not happy with it. I removed it and went back to my speed demon pipe. It sounds way better and no increase in vibration. Still trying to find the perfect pipe, I was looking into one of these RM 85 or CR 85 exhausts to put on my bike. I have plenty of room, and I do realize it would have to be a custom install. I already have someone that would do it. I just wanted to know if anyone is using one now or has used one in the passed. Do these style of expansion pipes really do work? Is there a substantial power increase in bottom and top end? Will I notice more vibration? Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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    dirt bike pipes are miles better than the junk pipes you get off ebay and such, the only exhaust designed for a motorized bicycle that's worth a damn is Arrow's snake pipe and those cost a ton of money.
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    Thanks for the input! I'm hoping I will get much better performance with those types of pipes.