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    Recently purchased a Blue collar kit and was intending to mount it into an old 70s racing road bike frame but on fitting the engine it will interfere with the pedals has anyone used a road frame or whats the best way to extend the motor mounts to raise the engine in the frame for clearence of the pedals

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    I'd actually be afraid to use a road bike for one of these engines....just seems like those skinny tires would not provide enough stability for the engine and rider.
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    okay, I will try to help. first, I hope you have for at least 32c tires. man, you will get killer mileage. I also am trying to use an older road/touring frame. I might be easier to find a 123 spindle and the right crankset (HT is a 4.5" clearance). I wish I see more engines on these oldroads-maybe there is a reason for that? you're not doing this on drop bars are you? :eek:
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    road frame

    THANKS for the concern on the skinny tires but these old quality frames are very strong and let tires work a lot harder than people think back in England I did a 50 mile time trial on this bike in just over 2hr-45mins i was going to try it with the drops but if need be can switch to straight bars ,
    anyway would still appreciate any help on the install to clear the pedals
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    what frame do you have? i just saw a frame mounting out of machined AL on here the other day, don't know who is fabbing them or how to order. dude, your in Seattle, you can find a spindle and 165 crank easy. the engine mount is a pain anyway. you want the CG as low as possible I would think.
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    Does the bike have 1 or 3 piece cranks? If one piece you should be able to find a bottom bracket conversion kit that allows you to use a European style bottom bracket. Once you are using a euro bottom bracket it's just a matter of finding a wide enough spindle for the cranks to clear the engine.
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    I built up an older shwinn road bike with a happy time engine. I had two different swhinn bikes that looked similar-probalby about 5 years apart. One of them had to narrow of a pedals and the other one was perfect. They were both one piece cranks with the old metal pedals on them. It makes an awsome motored bike. I left the drop bars on, put the throttle on the end of the right bar and clutch facing left on the upper part of the left bar next to the center. I am using the original brake levers. I did upgrade the seat to a used one off of annother bike that had springs in it. That was one of the best comfort improvements I did on the whole bike. That and adding a handle bar bag and rear rack so I don't have to wear a back pack all the time.