Road Rage!

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by Large Filipino, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Today it was pretty hot out but I was on Cronus so it didn't feel hot at all. But like roadies were feeling it.
    I was well away from Downtown coming back from my 54 miler when this older gray headed guy in a roadie bike blocks my path. So I was like "Hey. What are you doing?" And he got on his cell phone and was saying "I have a man here with a motor riding the trails!!" and he wouldn't let me pass. So I started screaming at him. "IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU? DON'T YOU SEE I'M ON A BICYCLE?"
    He just stood there.
    "LET ME PASS!!"
    You know,I am MORE than courteous to everyone on the trails. COPS even wave at me when I wave at them on the trails.
    Maybe it was the heat.
    But man I wanted to step off my bike.
    I'm glad I showed some restraint.
    Other than that,what a ride!

    Most roadies I see have nothing to say to me. Some will smile and/or wave back. But these JUDGMENTAL TYPES need to be careful out there.
    I could have been a crazy lunatic.
    What really amazed me was there was NO ONE ELSE around for miles.
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  2. eljefino

    eljefino Member

    Awesome!! You really painted a good "word picture"

    Wonder if there's a roadie forum with his side of the story, that would be funny too.
  3. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    i always carry bear spray
  4. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    I was riding my bike downtown on J street. I was riding down the sidewalk slowly. At a red light there was this guy on a mountain bike who wouldn't let me pass him after it turned green, when I could pass he tried to kick at me! and he yelled something, I don't remember what it was, I asked what was his problem was and sped off. I don't like to deal with crack heads.

    Roadies are just jealous.
  5. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    I had a similar situation day before yesterday. Oddly it was a gentleman old enough to be cool about things. He tried to force me into traffic as we were riding along. I stopped and walked up to him and asked if his leotards were in a bunch. He hopped on his bike and rode off as some high school kids booed him. What a jerk....still don't see what his problem was.

  6. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    What was the end of the story....did he finally let u pass....did u eventually go around him.............hey did u brutally kill him & bury his snotty/lifeless corpse in an unmarked grave? ;)
  7. Aussie_Glenn

    Aussie_Glenn Member

    bikers (of any kind) or not - some people are just a**holes
    Just try to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately there are too many lunatics out there these days.

    Ride Safe

  8. When I yelled at him to let me pass he did. Then I stopped about 20 feet afterwards by a bench that's just out there and told him "Tell your cop on the phone I'll be eating my lunch at the park 2 miles north." Then I ate my lunch at the park 2 miles north and hanged there for 30 minutes.
    No cops.
    I really didn't believe he was telling a cop on his phone "Motor Bicycle on trail arrest him!"
    Maybe he was senile.
  9. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Large Denver has a policy of being friendly towards scooters and such if your not being an idiot, its the green liberal thing ya know. I hope theyre that way out here in jeffco but well see.
  10. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    It amazes me that a tired roadie would even consider an altercation with a refreshed motored biker, not only that but we generally outweigh them considerably!:shock:
  11. fredie

    fredie Member

    i have had taxi car push me into the oncomming traffic
  12. Oh man Taxi drivers are a whole different breed of %$^&.

    I'm gonna do this right. Maybe I'll make some internet roadie friends. Who knows.
    I just registered with the very real intention of getting fit and losing weight but a little at a time.
    Today I pedaled Cronus around that fishing lake 4 times today. I even pedal on that long haul every now and then to get some cardiovascular. But no way can I pedal the whole way.
    I'm nice anyway. Maybe I'll get some understanding there and all it could do is help the movement.
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  13. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    I always find it amusing when I hear stories about the spandex crowd looking with disdain on motorbikers- they ride for exercise, then drive the Porsche Cayenne to the store 2 miles for milk at 13 mpg.
  14. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    Honestly tho, I wish I could afford a 3000 dollar bike. But don't hate me cause I'm passing you on a Huffy...
  15. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    hehehe....good one, bro!!! :lol:

    Bear Spray? COOL!!!!!

    :lol::lol::lol: so true!

    Right on!!
  16. crabdance

    crabdance Member

    seems like it's a jungle out there... my time is coming :grin:
  17. Well it's just warm enough now for the recreational roadies to be out there ready to judge all.
  18. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Don't worry Large, you're not alone with hating roadies. Around here they basically ride in the middle of the lane because their skinny tires can't handle the beat-up sides of the road. Cagers and motorcyclists hate them. Nobody gives
    me problems on mine in fact I usually just get waved at or big smiles :)

    ...except from the roadies of course, they don't even acknowledge you're there.
  19. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Well thankfully I've had mostly fun and good encounters with roadies. The wind here blows strong out of the south and the road with bike lanes(Davis Blvd) that i love runs North South. One day i was truckin uphill about 25mph into the wind and passed a spandex roadie. He pulled in right behind me just a foot or so away from my rear wheel and drafted for a mile. I felt so cool:cool:. No words were exchanged just smiles and waves since he kept his head down into the wind.

    A few weeks ago, the guy i built a bike for asked me to take him riding, so we got on Davis Blvd. After 5 miles he was ready for a break so we pulled into Quicktrip to get some drinks and talk. There was the most beautiful roadie there. Pink top and white spandex shorts, pink helmet and diamond heart earrings. A curly blonde ponytail and sweet blue eyes. Eating yougurt and drinking vitamin water.
    The 3 of us visited for 20 minutes talking about motoredbikes and she typed into her pink cell phone. "Oh I could never build one of those" she said, but it will be interesting to see the site. Mike said "Scott built this for me, I bet he would do it for you."
    I knew nothing about bikes before MBc, so when I saw she had a Cannondale, I sounded somewhat intelligent. You can bet that silly MBc grin on my face grew 3 sizes that day and my chest was puffed out all the way home.
    I'll have to say my heart was getting good cardio then.

    Well Large, I guess we both did good keeping our hands to ourselves.:lol:
  20. GasKicker

    GasKicker Member

    I haven't ridden any scenic trails on my bike yet. I've just used mine to run around town. I haven't cranked my SUV in weeks. All of the roadies I have encountered say things like "Wow! Is that an engine? That's cool! I need one of those".
    Mine are frame mounted kits and they really do look cool. Cool counts. It's a novelty around here where half of the population own a Harley Davidson or a crotch rocket.
    Most of the roadies ride their bikes out of necessity. With gas prices skyrocketing, they're broke. Unfortunately, most are too broke to buy one of my bikes. :(
    The problem I have is with cars. Every day someone pulls up behind me and blows his (or her) Horn at me. I haven't figured out if they are just trying to let me know they are there or if they are being rude, so I try to avoid flipping them off!
    The cops have stoped me a couple of times just to tell me how cool my bike is. As more people se these bikes out there, the novelty will probably wear off. Until then, it's very chic!