Road Repair Reminder: Rope.

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  1. bluegoatwoods

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    I got this suggestion a long time ago from Large Fillipino, I think. It recently saved me and seems good enough to spread it around.

    Carry some rope with you for road repairs. Because of the fuel, laying your bike on its side or upside down is not an option. But you'll usually be able to find a tree limb or road sign that you can hang your bike from.

    Not long ago I had a rear tire flat. Had a tree limb right near by and being able to hang up the rear of the bike made the repair easy with no loss of fuel.

    It's occurred to me that a couple of lashing straps would do the same thing and be a bit more convenient. I'll likely switch. But the principle is the same.

    Being able to suspend your bike above ground for repairs is worth a lot.

  2. fetor56

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    Good for a tow in an emergency to.
  3. Or to hang cagers that try to run you over.
  4. Slackbiker

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    I carry 10mm nylon rope for all sorts of reasons. Even fixing broken brake cables (on the brake arms). Hanging food or clothes, mainly. Once i towed a kid on a crazy non-motorized Wallyworld rig up a hill. My bike doesn't leak gas when i turn it upside down.
  5. augidog

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    a couple of bungee cords & a signpost and you've got yourself a workstand :)

    i once had to stop at a dept store to replace a tire...i just put the seat up on the corner of a shopping cart & went to work :cool2:

    a center kickstand is definitely a good thing to consider, too.
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  6. loquin

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    Great Idea. :idea: I always keep 15 or 20 feet of quarter-inch nylon cord in the car to tie stuff down if needed, but I hadn't thought about keeping a chunk with the bike..
  7. robin bird

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    Great idea i have a center stand on order --my old kit had a rope to hold together a cleaning cloth that held all my tools--should resurect the old kit....
  8. wheelbender6

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    Great idea. Rope is lighter than a dual kickstand.
  9. This isn't for bike use but if you take a piece of rope and tie a little hook on the end and loop the other end to your belt you can pull with your legs instead of your back on a hand pallet jack just hook it low on the base of the jack. You can drag all kinds of weight with your legs!