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    Ok, my friction drive bike was STOLEN. It was an older Trek 800 Antelope mountain bike, converted to a really low geared single speed, with high bars and a wide cruiser seat on it. I had a Honda GX35 motor on a Staton friction drive kit. What really sucks is that I had this bike decked out pretty good. I had been riding it for over 3 years without any problems. Now I have to start all over again. I still want the GX35 motor, but would like to use the Roadbugmotors mount/drive kit. My understanding is that this kit is the same as the old BMP unit. Does anyone know if this is a quality unit? I like the idea that individual parts are available for it (assuming the company doesn't go belly up like BMP) and I like the front mount better than the Staton unit.

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    I think it is the same company . Just taken over from BMP .
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    I have this kit . Have not done many miles on it but it seems like a quality unit .

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    Staton has a good deal on the Honda gx35cc FD kit combo setup.
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