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  1. willimoto

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    pics of the bike -

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  2. mean lean

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    serious work on detail!! clip in peddals, big chain ring, do you go out looking for some big hills to fly up at 40kmph? very nice bike.
  3. graucho

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    You Rock! I can tell you were focused on your task. Please give a few details. Carb type, sprocket, how you welded the gas tank etc. Great motorbike! Thanks for sharing.
  4. willimoto

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    the frame was scratch built from hi-ten steel - the top tube/fuel tank is an ovalised tube - enough capacity for 40mi. at speed - the carburetor is a dellorto instrument 16mm - mated to a machined manifold - rear sprocket is attached via adapter plate to a disc brake rear hub - accepts std. 110 chainrings -

    RATRODER Guest

    WOW,man that is the crotch rocket of the bicycle world great job.louis
  6. azbill

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    nice work
    looks fast standing still :D
  7. Oh man that is amazing, cool split handlebars! cool everything really!
  8. Alaskavan

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    Definitley a Serious ride. Beautiful.
  9. Scottm

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    Very impressive! Forgive my ignorance but why all the holes in the clutch cover? Heat reduction? Do the hole's edges eat away at the pads faster or are they rounded/filed back. I'm also curious about the pink 04 tag above the rear wheel.
    I'm really amazed by your bike! I have time to hear all the details.
  10. mickey

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  11. reclaimer

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    Very sharp ride. Nice work.
  12. Woah....bearings on sprocket tensioner welded to frame....woah...look at that rear sprocket...woah.........woah....I need some more time!
    AWESOME man. Truly AWESOME.
  13. mtbforlife

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    that thing is sweet!!! i dig the frame gas tank and the holes in the clutch and magneto covers. looks very awsome and flawless good work!!!!
  14. Abeagle

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    Looks like its ready for the Salt Flats time trials.
    Outstanding Craftsmanship.
  15. foyeburger

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    whoa guy that is one bad *** ride bet shes a tad bit fast easy does it !!!
  16. connoisseur

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    nice bike

    Whats your top speed?
  17. Hollywood

    Hollywood Guest

    Great job dude!!! The gas tank is outstanding.
  18. fetor56

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    The best example of Boy Racer i've seen very proud.
  19. fastboy9

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    just fantastic!
  20. iRide Customs

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    That's some sweet work there. Love the tank.