Roadside repair forum?

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    Experienced riders have made plenty of ROADSIDE repairs and adjustments to make it home on their motorbikes. Those "war stories" would make good reading and perhaps boost the confidence of newer riders to take longer rides and help them prepare for longer rides. I like the idea of a roadside repair forum. Thanks.

  2. it does sound like a great idea,it would help people who get a flat tire or there chain breaks.
  3. Tom

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    Maybe it could be a sub-forum of the "Traveling" forum?

    Can you make a list of possible topics that would be moved there? If you can find enough to justify it, we will probably give it a go.
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    Man its been two months on this thing and Ive got a lifetime of Travel stories. Every time I leave my place I think Im on the next stage of the world rally. LOL
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    One point to consider is this: In many, if not most cases, the type of repair you perform is related to the
    • Type of engine (2-stroke or 4 stroke)
    • Type of mount (frame mount or rack mount)
    • Tires/wheels or
    • Bicycle repair
    Each of these areas is covered by existing forums, and there are many roadside repair stories already in those forums. I would think that it would be a good idea to keep them there, as there are often lessons to be learned that apply to that forum.
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    "ROAD TRIP-LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY" might be a good thread, where there can be a moral to the fable, about a new trick, tool or task learned on the side of the road, far away from home.

    Who was that, Large Filapino?? who filled up his tire with leaves, needles and grass to limp back to the house, BUT riding in the saddle. (so he said)
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    I think this topic could be more related to the adventure story rather than a technical diary on roadside repairs (although what you did to get out of trouble would be part of it).
    There was a show on TV called "Bush Mechanics". It showed a group of Aboriginals and what they did to keep their cars going. It was amazing and funny.
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    Thats a cool looking site, I have actually visited Yuendumu where the media company is said to be based.

    Small nothing of a place in the middle of nowhere, but they have a website
    about surviving a car crisis...out there that could mean death,
    so its a serious topic.
    way cool.
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    Where's "Fillipino" when you need him? Kind of like hollaring for Kazoo!

    They don't call him "Fillipino" for nothin... He's the guy you'd want with you if you were stranded on an island!!! The Clutch/pulley mod should get him MBC Peace Prize of the year!!! LOL! Over 6,000 views. Wonder howmany made the upgrade? Of coarse I had to get jammed and have a different engine w/bigger ears on the cover plate.

    Anybody on this board who rides even near Buffalo should get ahold of me. I don't care if you like my personal views on things or not. I'm as honest as they were made and would help ya out just the same.
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    Would be fun. I have a couple of stories.