rob a bank by bike ??

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    Just for fun come up with ten reasons to rob a bank with a bike rather than a car
    ill start it #1
    1) It's much cheaper to operate a bicycle than it is to operate a car. This is an important consideration when robbing banks. Although we mainly hear about bank robbers who leave the bank with hundreds of thousands of dollars, in actuality, the average bank robber gets away with just $257.83. Assuming that the getaway vehicle cost $25,000, the robber has to rob a hundred banks in order to pay for the vehicle, not a very likely accomplishment. However, the bicycle could be purchased from the profits of just one bank robbery. Someone might argue, "Well, I don't intend to purchase the vehicle but to steal it on the morning of the bank robbery," and it must be admitted that that is a good plan, although it does increase the risk of being arrested for car theft before ever making it to the bank. Stealing a suitable bicycle is much less risky (i read this but play along)

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    I like #4 which says -- If you escape in a getaway car, your vehicle is very likely to be spotted. This is very bad. Once they know that you're in a 1996 blue Toyota Crayola, every police officer is watching for that vehicle. They are likely to report that information on the radio or evening news, so any person who sees your vehicle could report it to the police. It's very likely that they will have a helicopter overhead which can follow your every movement. In addition, you will have to use the main roads to get out of town. This makes your path fairly predictable, which simplifies the job of the police. All they need to do is to put up a few roadblocks, and you are trapped. On the other hand, if you are spotted leaving on a bicycle, that information is much less helpful. Even if they convey the message that you are riding on a blue Trek 520, not many officers will be able to identify the vehicle. They will have to depend on a description of you instead, and it's very easy to wear a mask, wig, and trench coat during your robbery, which you can discard shortly after leaving the bank. Then, how are they going to spot you? Even if a police helicopter should spot you briefly from above, you can stay under the trees and thus be impossible for the helicopter to follow. You don't have to stay on the roads either. Leaving the bank on a bicycle, you can ride down an alleyway, cross a street, cut through a yard, get on the bikepath, cut across through the woods, and travel out of town on the railroad right-of-way. How can they stop you with roadblocks then?
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    Do you recommend the blue Trek 520 as the ideal getaway bike, or would a cruiser work better? I imagine a 4 stroke would be the better setup to eliminate the tell tale smoke trail. :grin5:
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    Many years ago, a teen robbed a local bank & made his " get-away " on a bike. His bike was recovered a short distance away. That night on TV, our Sheriff was interviewed & he said that the bank robber was , " just an amateur,,, he will be caught within hours !"
    That crime was never solved !
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    No interior to clean from the dye packs on a bike.