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    Hi all,

    I've got a basic cruiser with a two stroke I've been riding for several years and hundreds of miles.
    Lots of fun as you know.


    This year I bought a GT-2 and a mounted a 4 stroke and an EZ drive system.

    The two stroke is fun, but very dirty with all the oil spitting out, and vibrates a lot.
    The new 4 stroke is very smooth, almost no vibration. It doesn't spit oil, and is also more quiet.
    Acceleration is slower than the two stroke, but not so bad as to complain.

    The GT-2 came with a 44 tooth sprocket.
    It was too small for the clutch system, too much slipping and took too long to get up to speed.
    I next tried the 56 tooth sprocket that came with the kit, much better (of course, as it was designed to run that configuration) the only problem was that the GT bikes hub is drilled for a 6 bolt pattern, not the standard the center hole is smaller...
    Anyway, it worked okay, but I had to tinker more :)
    I got a 64 tooth sprocket, milled it, and bolted it on.
    Even better!
    I'm not into high speed as much as I'm trying to avoid having to pedal up steep hills.
    Speed; with a new engine not yet broken in...
    44 tooth= 33mph
    56 tooth=32mph
    64 tooth=30mph
    I didn't loose near as much top end as I thought I would, and may gain a mile or two an hour when the engine is broken in.
    I'm going to the Newport Indiana hill climb next week (vintage cars) and will have a few chances to try it out on the big hill.
    My two stroke only ever made it half way (with a running start) I hope to start from a dead stop at the bottom, and walk it all the way up with no assist...

    You guys have a really helpful site here, I've learned much reading through the backpages, with many more to go!