Robert Thumper.

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Mr.B., Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Mr.B.

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    I finally finished my 2nd build last weekend!

    Based on a March 1960 Schwinn cantilever frame with the rear triangle stretched 5 inches, a Comet CVT, and a GX200 clone engine.

    I originally started to post about it in detail in the "2012 In Frame, 4-Stroke, Build-Off" thread but wasn't able to finish it by the deadline...

    Here are some photos of it finished, and If you're interested I do have a very detailed step by step build story available on my Tumblr blog:

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  2. Mr.B.

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  3. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    Very nice bike, nice detail work.
  4. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    Mr B., it worries me that you are probably a nice, a good, sort of person. This would cause me to feel terribly guilty about hating you for such beautiful work. Well done. You swine! :cool:
  5. Mr.B.

    Mr.B. Member


    Next time you're in Iowa, stop and we'll go for a ride! "-)

  6. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    When they build a bridge over the Atlantic so the airlines don't have you over a barrel, I'll visit.

    Mind you, given the cost of air travel now, I wonder how long until liners become viable agin.
  7. tom-fishing

    tom-fishing Member

    That is a work of art, love it.
  8. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    That intake setup rocks. So does the comet CVT.
  9. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    One of the nicest MB's on the web. Great build thread. It's always fun watching a bike progress to the final stage.
  10. flotsamm

    flotsamm New Member

    Wow so much to look at! Definitely one of the nicest I've seen as well, awesome work.
  11. Lee_K

    Lee_K Member

    I enjoy building things and am good at making them work, but I have never been able to make things look really good. I appreciate the talent and effort it took to plan and complete your project. Congrats and thanks for sharing all those photos.
  12. Mr.B.

    Mr.B. Member

  13. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    Classier by the minute.
  14. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    That is definitely a good looking bike!
  15. Minnesota Hyena

    Minnesota Hyena New Member

    is that off honda engine?
  16. Mr.B.

    Mr.B. Member

    It is,

    A Greyhound 200 (GX 200 Honda clone) as sold at Harbor Freight until recently.

  17. BarnstormCyclewerks

    BarnstormCyclewerks New Member

    Very Very nice work! Mind if I feature your bike on the Barnstorm Facebook page?
  18. Mr.B.

    Mr.B. Member

    I’d be honored, thank you.

  19. BarnstormCyclewerks

    BarnstormCyclewerks New Member

  20. Will Snow

    Will Snow Member

    I agree with the others and thank you for posting pictures. It really adds to this forum. I have several motorized bikes, some are very nice but your bike tops them all.

    Best Regards

    Will Snow