ROBIN EH035-where to get one!!

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by spokedjoke, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. spokedjoke

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    I believe 4 stroke is for me and the robin is known for its reliability, which is what i need. The only problem is availability online because I cant source one locally here. Anyone know a place online that's not staton or golden eagle? Perhaps a dealer in Northern WI?

  2. Why wouldnt you want to get one from Staton????I bought mine there and I recieved it 2 days after I ordered it....Its a great engine,super quiet,smooth and plenty of power for my GEBE kit....
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    I picked one up recently and am AMAZED at the torque from the motor.
  4. You can find your local official Subaru Robin dealer thru Robin America's site. I haven't priced one in a while, but Staton used to undercut my local dealer, selling at list price, by more than $35.00 to $40.00 for an EHO 35. They also sell several larger than stock fuel tanks, a worthwhile addition to any bike intended to be ridden for any distance. I used both the 3/4 and 1/2 gallon tanks on different bikes.

    In my experience, you can trust Dave Staton to be true to his word, to treat his customers fairly, and to ship in a timely fashion. Sometimes he doesn't ship the cheapest possible method, but he will ship via a reliable shipper.
  5. Dave Staton is a good dealer,a cocky ******* but still a good dealer....
  6. HeadSmess

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    sometimes you get lucky on fleabay, and looking at my lil LEHR 25cc... its a huasheng

    im fairly certain huasheng has a 25 and a 35 listed on their site... may be an issue though, i doubt theyll sell single units :(

    direct copy of a RS

    everyone recommends staton in the US.

    im not in the US, and have to pay twice what you guys do. despite the fact our dollars stronger than yours. so stop whining, and just order one from staton.
  7. Mike St

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    I just bought my from Staton two weeks ago and I am satisfied. Mike
  8. spokedjoke

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    Ya I figured it was going to be hard to beat statons shipping and price, i just wish BMP had their stuff figured out cause I like the idea of user replaceable bearings in the friction drive. plus it's cheaper.
  9. Happy Valley

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    Well, bmp never sold engines and at the last they were not a lot cheaper when you add in you had to buy the throttle and kill switch separate. Those come with the purchase at Staton. If bmp ever gets going again, who knows what they'll be charging.

    BTW, I don't think you'll need to but should you ever have to, the bearings are replaceable with the Staton FD kits. IMO it's been overstated that that's a problem.
  10. Staton sells the engine by itself. You don't need to buy an entire kit from them. Most companies sell kits with or without engines. I bought new high quality SKF bearings from a local bearing dealer who was happy to press them in for me for free when the bearings in my Staton friction drive kit got noisy. I hammered the old ones out.
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    This is turning into a rate the Staton co thread so i'll put in my 2 cents worth.
    For me its been good luck with Staton and the RS35 kits. 6 for 6 which gives Staton a A+ from me. 4 friction drives, 1 chain drive, 1 axle mount.
  12. Silvaire

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    That's an interesting bit of info HeadSmess,

    After looking at the Huasheng site, I believe that you are correct regarding Huasheng being the origin of the Subaru Robin EH025 copies that Lehr uses on their propane powered blowers and trimmers. I see these engines on the Huasheng site in both gasoline and propane. I don't think Huasheng makes a copy of the Subaru Robin EH035 engine, but I did find what I think are Huasheng copies of the Honda GX31 and GX50.
  13. Happy Valley

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    Your posts are articulate and thanks for using 'copies' rather than the overused 'clone' I see rendered frequently when the user seems to want to identify gene pool value in ownership of certain goods, lol.
  14. HeadSmess

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    ive been in contact with peter! from huasheng, there is the 135f, or 25cc. i havent checked the site in some time but they did have a 136f thats 31cc. i vaguely recollect 139f as being the 35cc,

    AND the reply i got from peter says that the 140f is 37.5cc!

    im looking into a sample of that one fo sho! :D

    (whilst my first email to him contained the 135 and 136, his reply only mentioned 135 and 140... fine. im gunna go check the site out again)
  15. Chalo

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    Which would you rather own: An original Italian-made Isetta or the BMW-made "copy"?

  16. Happy Valley

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    Neither, so that question is moot, but put me down for the BMW X5 over a
    Shuanghuan CEO anyday, lol.
  17. spokedjoke

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    The hausheng is a copy of the honda GX-35 I believe. I have also considered this engine, however this is my main mode of transport right now untill i find work again and i'm not really fond of Chinese "quality" (I use the word loosely!) or i'd just go HT :(
  18. Silvaire

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    A google search of "140f engine" comes up with an engine that is a Chinese copy of the 35.8cc Honda GX35, but the 140f engine is actually 37.7cc. If these 140f engines can be obtained, they would be a viable consideration for a low cost light weight engine for friction or rack mount drives. 25cc engines are rather marginal power-wise for an MB.
  19. Silvaire

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    Not to stray to far off topic, but I believe that the BMW Isetta was built under license from Iso. Several different companies also built them under license, and with several different engines.
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    Agreed, but how is the 140f compare to the honda's reliability and efficiency? I'm pretty much sold on the robin either way, Im just pinchin' penny's till i can order it and the drive at the same time, prob. the kit so I can save a few more bucks.