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Just wanted to say I have Robin EH035 engines in stock for immediate shipment. Will have friction drive kits for sale in two weeks. Heres a couple of pics of engines and drive rollers fresh off a cnc machine. I take checks, paypal, credit cards and Ben Franklins. I will gladly answer all emails and phone calls. Best for me is by email which i check often. Thank you for reading , I am pretty excited about the motorized bike business. doug


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What is the origin of the frictions kits?


How much for 1. EHO35, 2. friction kit, 3. engine/kit?
Hello , the friction kits are made by me at DUG Motor Co. . They are completely new.
1) The 2008 Robin EH035 is $274.00 + tax & shipping.
2) I dont have a friction drive price yet. I actually hadnt even thought of selling them seperate from the engine . But will get seperated price together.
3) I think the total price of kit will be $450.+/-
Thank you , doug
I will keep the cost as low as I can . When its complete I might be able to do better but not sure. Maybe if I was buying materials and components at 100 at a time versus 12 at a time I can get better pricing.
It does have a twist thottle with built in kill switch , and we will work very hard at customer service. thanks doug
hello all, i am a customer of Dug3x3. here are my experience.

upon recieving the engine I was very impressed well packaged all OFFICIAL labels attached and cluth remover and manual in box. (not so impressed with the Tax i had to pay on import to UK however neither me or doug knew)

they were very helpful and i was able to pay with a method comfortable to me paypal.

once making the order they were very hardworking to find the cheapest price for shipping.

they kept in constant communication.

and always responded to my emails

all in all they were the best motorized bicycle dealer i have dealt with to date (having orderd from kings and staton)

it was a pleasure. and they have my independate recommendation.
Thank you! Hope all is well on your side of the world. doug
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