Robin pull start not engageing

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by tinker4, May 18, 2009.

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    Today my robin pull start would not engagie. This has never happened before. So I took the cover off and the 4 screws that hold the pull start to the motor. Eveything looked normal no broken or missing parts. So I put it back togather and it worked. Then I went to the store, when I came back out I tried to use the pull start it would not work. You can pull the cord and it will recoil but its not engageing the engine enableing it to start. I pulled on it a few time and then it caught and fired up. However Im not sure whats causing this. Also big suprise when you take the 4 screws out that hold the pull start to the engine the gas tank drops thats all that holds it in place. Other then that the robin is a great engine. Let me know if you have any ideas on whats going on and what I can do to fix it...Thanks

  2. bamabikeguy

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    Did you unplug the kill switch and try it?
  3. tinker4

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    Kill switch

    The kill switch isnt involved. The pull start is not catching the engine and turning it over when it is pulled.
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    did you see if those little "CLAWS" are still bolted on? Before mine self destructed, it did what yours did, and after an autopsy, i found one of the bolts had worked out and which resulted in 1 of the two arms that pivot to grab fell out.. And only 1 was there to grab, which as you find, works only half the time.

    Dunno if thats the same as your model, but thats what happened to me.
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    Hey tinker
    I'm interested to see you get the problem resolved and it would be good to find the reason you're getting partial engagement.

    I'll go over some notes I have on disassembly but yeah, I remember the starter cover has dogs on the bottom to hold one side of the tank. It's just a way to hold the gas tank without needing to put holes that would stress and crack.
    BTW, don't loose the little rubber grommets there that isolate for vibration.

    I just noticed superbee's thread in general discussion on pull starts so I think he is talking about HT engines. Wanna confirm superbee?

    Do you have the service and parts manuals? If not let me know. Please keep us informed what you find to resolve the problem as it would be a good data point to keep on record here.
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    not sure what brand it is, but yes, a ht clone. so it may be way different than that robin, i have no idea.
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    upon a close inspection -- little ratchets may be worn, springs out of place, where ratchets catch worn

    springs or ratchets usually the problem

    in the future we all need to remember -- so as to avoid unnecessary repairs
    take our time
    make sure ratchets are fully engaged before pulling

    the fast pulling with not the best engagement can knock pull starts out fast

    ride that THING
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    I am not intimately familiar with the R/S starter, but I assume that it has one one or more pawls that fly out under centrifugal force to engage the flywheel when the rope is pulled.

    If this is how it works, the first thing I would do is take the starter off, like you did, and make sure those pawls move freely. If there is any sticking, clean and lubricate.....if it is not sticking, still clean and lubricate and see what happens.

    Every so often some gunk will get in there and the pawl will not fly out like it is supposed to....if the starter does not work like that...well, good luck...I got nothing for you.

    Also, MM makes sense. Whenever I start my engine (Honda GXH50) I pull the rope gently to engage the starter, then slowly pull the engine around time or 2 before pulling fast enough to start.
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    You might take a look at the factory parts manual for help on the starter function. The following Subaru Robin link has a number of download links on it for the various micro engines:

    Off the subject (but of possible interest to those with an interest in these micro 4 stroke engines) is a link to the parts manual for the EHO43V (the vertical shaft version of the EHO35) on this same page. With EHO35V, Subaru has literally turned the EHO35 around (exchanging the positions of the output and starting shafts), and then reversed the rotation of the engine internals!
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  10. Mountainman

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    yes -- and I got too fast !!

    yes that's what I try to do with all my pull starts HoughMade
    and by golly what happened
    I got a pulling too fast yesterday and felt a slight skip and crunch !!!
    that was a first with this engine
    not giving the little teeth a chance to fully engage
    I will try to remember to slow down
    if it does it a time or two more
    will take apart and inspect
    someTHING could be hanging up -- in need of lube ??
    hopefully not the tip of rachet slighty broke off

  11. tinker4

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    Thanks for the answers

    Havent had any more problems with the pull start. I think the problem was I was letting it recoil back in fast after pulling it. I have to remember let it go back in nice and slow.
  12. I wouldn't lubricate any part in the Robin starter. Clean it thoroughly, and dry it. Oil or even graphite will attract dirt and sieze it even faster next time. A periodic cleaning with a spray cleaner like is used on computers and won't harm plastics is good.