robin subaru 25cc



anybody ever use one of these

i can buy one for a little less than $100 slightly used

i already have a clutch set up that fits it from an old mosqutio dx24 scooter i want to build a cheap front spindle drive for my fold up bike

im not worried about hill climbing power wich can be changed buy using a smaller spindle

mostly what i want to know is how they run since i could do the same thing with a free weedwacker engine but with front wheel drive i dont like smelling 2 stroke all the time

should i buy it or save for a honda
Agreed, buy it!

I'm on my second week with my used Ru 25, it is a good little engine.

Provides good speed on the flats, realistically as fast as you need to travel on bike paths. You need to keep the engine in it's sweet spot for larger hills, small hills are no problem with some pedal assist.

The fuel tank could be larger, range is approx 40kms or 25 miles.